2016 Summer Work Requirements

Summer Reading Assignments
All Honors and AP English courses have summer reading requirements.

Summer Reading Assignments 2016-17

Summer Math Assignments
Any student taking an Honors, Accelerated, or AP Math class is expected to complete the summer math packet for the course in which they will be enrolled during the 2016-2017 school year.

AP Calculus Summer Assignment

AP Statistics Summer Assignment

Acc Pre-Calc Summer Assignment

Honors Geometry Summer Assignment (**Please note that this packet is to be completed only by students who are taking Honors Geometry in the fall semester.  If students are taking both Algebra I and Honors Geometry, they will receive a Geometry packet to complete over winter break.)

Students taking Honors Algebra II or Acc Geometry B/Algebra II will have work available to them over the Winter Break in December in order to prepare for the Spring semester course.

Summer Social Studies Assignments

Social Studies Summer Assignment

Summer Science Assignments

AP Biology Summer Assignment

Advanced Scientific Internship Summer Assignment

Advanced Scientific Research Summer Assignment Directions
Advanced Scientific Research PPT