Wildcat 101

Welcome to Wheeler!
Wheeler High School is a proud school with outstanding tradition.  Our number one goal is excellence in academics, but we also pride ourselves on great athletics and extracurricular opportunities.  We are excited about each new student who joins our Wheeler family, and we hope this page will provide the necessary information for students and parents to make for the smoothest transition into Wheeler.  We encourage you to visit this page often.  If you have suggestions for additional content that would be helpful to you, please contact Tiffany Stark.

Key Information
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Wildcat 101 Video

Where to go for help
Below is a list of individuals to contact for help with various issues.  Email is generally the best way to reach out, but we also foster an open-door policy for our students as much as possible.

Schedule Changes - Dr. Stark handles schedule changes for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders.  Counselors handle schedule changes for 12th graders.
Academic Struggles - Talk to the teacher of the class first.  If additional support is needed regarding concerns in the classroom, contact the administrator over that department.  Please note that administrators require that parents or students communicate with teachers first before getting involved in classroom concerns.  Counselors can also provide great strategies for students who are struggling academically.
Sports questions - Talk to the coach of the team first.  General sports information is also available at www.wheelerathletics.com.  If additional support is needed, contact the Athletic Director, Troy Jones.
Attendance questions - Raizel Bennett is our Pupil Personnel Officer.  Please contact her with questions regarding attendance.

How to stay informed
Several groups at Wheeler use Twitter to communicate important information and exciting things that are happening.  Below are some Wheeler Twitter handles:
Wheeler High: @Wheeler_High
Wildcat Pride Marching Band: @WHSWildcatPride
Wheeler Yearbook: @ROARYearbook
Wheeler Magnet: @WheelerMagnet
Wheeler Senior Project: @Wheeler_SP
Wheeler Baseball: @wheelerhigh_bb

Additionally, you can subscribe to Wheeler enews and Magnet enews.

How to Get Involved
Wheeler has a great selection of clubs and organizations for our students.  Plus, we encourage students to start new clubs if they do not see one that matches their interests.  Click here for a full list of Wheeler organizations and extracurricular opportunities.

Counseling Department
The Wheeler Counseling department strives to serve every student in support of their academic progress, their personal growth, and their emotional development.  Counselors are responsible for student schedules.  Students can schedule appointments with their counselors by visiting the counseling office and complete a form to request an appointment.  The counselor will then call the student in to meet (usually within 24 hours of when the request was made).

The counselors are listed below with the alphabetical breakdown of the students they serve.  Students are encouraged to make contact with their counselor at least once during their first year at Wheeler in order to establish the relationship and help their counselor get to know them.

Jasmine Cotson, H-N, AVID
Erica Dailey, O-Z
Jackie Edwards, A-G
Kara Mills, Dual Enrollment, NCAA, CVA/GAVS
Sumana Moudgal, All Magnet students
Dr. Myrel Siegler, Student Support/Special Projects

Change of Address
If your family moves, Wheeler needs to document the change of address immediately in our records.  In order to process the change of address, we need for a parent to bring in 2 proofs of residence to the Counseling office.  For Magnet students, these forms need to be taken to the Magnet office.

Parent Contact Information
Wheeler maintains contact information for each student's parents, which includes phone numbers and email addresses.  When parents get a new phone number or email address, please contact the counseling department as soon as possible so that we can maintain accurate records to best communicate with parents.

Bus route information can be found here.  Students need to make note of their bus number because their bus lane for afternoon dismissal will be communicated using their bus number.  Students starting school after the first day of classes will receive a bus pass from guidance as part of the registration process.

Student Parking
Any student with a driver's license is eligible to park on campus.  Parking applications are opened up first to seniors, then to juniors, and so on.  For general information regarding the parking application process and fees, click here.

Wheeler Policies and Student Handbook
All Wheeler students and parents need to become familiar with the Wheeler Student Handbook.  The handbook includes information about Wheeler logistics, school rules and policies, etc.

Magnet Program
Wheeler High School is home to the Center for Advanced Studies in Science, Math, and Technology.  Admissions to the program is normally completed in 8th grade.  However, students new to Cobb County School District and students who currently attend Wheeler may be eligible for admission.  If you are new to Wheeler and interested in being considered for the Magnet Program, please contact Cheryl Crooks (Magnet Coordinator and Assistant Principal) or Stacy Regitsky (Magnet Program Advisor).  For more information about the Magnet Program, please visit www.wheelermagnet.com