Seniors (Class of 2022) Information


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Recording of Commencement Information Night Meeting for Senior Parents on Thursday, March 24, 2022

PowerPoint reviewed in presentation is available HERE and in Resources section below.


Class of 2022 


March 5PromAtlanta Zoo (old Cyclorama)-Tickets on sale February 10-28. Non Allatoona students must have permission form filled out to attend.
March 8Cap and Gown DistributionDuring all lunches in room 1406 off the cafeteria.
April 12Senior Movie MeetingNCG Cinemas-Buc Pass holders only. Concessions can be purchased via MyPaymentsPlus (Thursday, March 31st is last day to turn in permission slips and purchase concessions)
Movie is The Batman
April 28Senior Picnic3rd block on lower practice fields.  Buc Pass holders only
May 6

Community Service Forms Due  

Turn in to Mrs. Harmon in the Front Office

Community Service hours are NOT required to graduate. Those who participated in community service related to Allatoona or one of our feeder schools are eligible for a medal. Forms should have already been filled out and signed prior to turning in.

150 Hrs.=Gold 100 Hrs.=Silver 50 Hrs.=Bronze

May 6College acceptance letters and scholarship award letters dueTurn in to the counseling office prior to this date.
May 13

Senior Letters Due 

Via mail or dropped off in person

Students will receive their letters at Starlight Senior Night event on May 20.
May 18

Yearbook Distribution

Seniors will receive their yearbooks during the Yearbook Party fourth block.
May 19

Senior Exams

1st block review - 2nd block Senior Meeting at 10:00 AM

3rd -4th block exams

They are expected to follow the regular bell schedule and take finals in 3rd and 4th block classes. 

This is a full school day! 

May 20

Senior Exams

1st – 2nd block exams

No 3rd and 4th block this day. ½ day only

Students are expected to leave campus immediately following their final exams.

May 20

Starlight Senior Night on the Green

Buccaneer Stadium

This event is ONLY for seniors! -Buc Pass free. Everyone else $25

May 22Baccalaureate-hosted by Allatoona PTSA

Cedarcrest Church

Not mandatory

May 24Senior Walks @ Elementary SchoolsPickett’s Mill, Lewis, and Frey Elementary Schools only. More information will be given later.
May 25Senior Check-out and mandatory graduation practice9:00 am in front of school. All senior fines, fees, and required documents must be resolved prior to this date. Checkout must occur for students to receive graduation tickets, chords, etc. Park behind home stands at stadium.
May 26Mandatory Graduation PracticeStadium; 9:00 am; park behind home stands at stadium.
May 27


Students arrive at 7:30 am. Must be in proper graduation attire to participate. Students who are late will not be allowed to walk.

For additional information and updates, please check our commencement link on the school web site: https://web.cobbk12.org/allatoona/page/578/graduation

TICKET REQUESTS for AHS Commencement Ceremony 5/27/2022

Please have one (1) member from each family complete the ticket request form online. DEADLINE: NOON, Thursday, April 14. Everyone must submit a request for tickets. If your request is received after noon on April 14, you will only receive four (4) tickets, unless additional tickets become available.


  • Parents will request the number of tickets they would like to receive for the ceremony. 
    • I will do my best to accommodate requests, within reason. We do this to maximize the number of tickets we can distribute. In previous years, the average number of tickets for the stadium has been about 10 per student, depending on the total number of requests and final number of graduates. 
  • Ticket requests will be evaluated so that each family will receive the greatest number of tickets possible. 
  • Please keep in mind that families MAY NOT receive all the tickets requested.
  • All guests attending commencement, including babies and small children, will need a ticket to enter the venue.


  • Seniors will be notified of the number of tickets they will actually receive in homeroom on April 27. 
  • If they do not have a homeroom, the notification form will be left in the Counseling Office for them to pick up. We will not email this information. 


  • NOTE: If you have more than one child, please submit a ticket request for each child and split your total number of tickets requested amongst them. 
  • Open a browser and type the following URL in the address bar, not the search bar. Please read each question 
  • carefully and submit the document by the deadline.
  • You will NOT be allowed to increase the number of tickets you requested after the April 14 deadline. If you need to increase your ticket request prior to that date, please contact Ms. Neely directly. DO NOT complete another online ticket request. 

URL: https://bit.ly/ahstickets22 or Scan QR code: Graduation Ticket Request QR Code.png


  • Tickets will be distributed to graduates at the end of graduation practice on Thursday, May 26, 2022. 
  • Tickets will not be distributed early and will only be distributed to the graduate for whom they are assigned. 


  • If we have extra tickets, we will hold a lottery drawing. The lottery drawing will take place after the final graduation practice on Thursday, May 26, 2022. Please note extra tickets are not guaranteed. The number of extra tickets available varies each year.
  • If you find that you DO NOT need all the tickets you requested, please email Ms. Neely at dawn.neely@cobbk12.org ASAP so those tickets can be added to the lottery. 

INCLEMENT WEATHER (Allatoona Gymnasium)

  • Each graduate will be given 4 tickets and we will NOT hold a lottery drawing. The ceremony will also be streamed online for anyone that cannot attend in person; more information will be sent later. 

Questions: Contact Dawn Neely at dawn.neely@cobbk12.org 

A PDF of this announcement is available in the Resources section below.

Cap and Gown Portraits are now available!

Attention Seniors and Parents, Cap & Gown portraits are now available to view and purchase through Cady! Celebrate this special achievement. Click below to order now! 


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A PDF of this image is available in the Resources section below.

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