Campbell Senior Earns Volunteer Service Award

Campbell student Sameer Aurora Earns Volunteer Service Award

Pebble Tossers, Atlanta’s leading youth development nonprofit organization, recently awarded Campbell High School senior Sameer Aurora with the President’s Volunteer Service Award in recognition of outstanding service. 

The President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) was established to recognize the important role of volunteers in America’s strength and national identity and acknowledges the outstanding achievements of Pebble Tossers’ youth volunteers. 

Sameer has served the community in many different capacities and provided needed help in areas where the Campbell student felt the most called. By completing the requirements necessary to receive a PVSA, Sameer has benefited the community while learning valuable leadership skills to support future ambitions. 

Sameer exceeded the required hours for school or civic requirements, serving more than 100 hours. The Cobb student’s service hours translated into more than $2854 worth of value back into the community. 

“That is amazing work,” says Jen Guynn, Pebble Tossers Founder + Executive Director. “The example of service and leadership that they provide to their peers is just as important as the impact they have on the community. Pebble Tossers is proud of their accomplishments and proud to recognize Sameer Aurora on behalf of our country.”

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