Senior/Graduation Information


Listed below are important dates/deadlines for the Class of 2021.  Detailed information regarding these dates is available in the 2021 & Graduation Information.pptx  To participate in College Signing Day, Submit College Information in this form. Sign in to the form using your Office365 login credentials.
2021 CHS Senior Clearance Form.pdf

Campbell HS Honor Insignia.pdf

Class of 2021 Important Dates
April 27Deadline to email Counselor Yolanda.Wright@cobbk12.org your scholarship information 
April 29Deadline to complete Naviance Survey
May 10-14Senior Exams
May 103rdBlock A Day|4th A Day
May 111stBlock B Day|2ndBlock B Day
May 131stBlock Y|1stBlock A Day|2ndBlockY|2ndBlock A Day
May 143rdBlock Y|3rdBlock B Day|4th Block Y|4th Block B Day
May 14Deadline to submit information for final transcript
May 17-26Graduating Seniors Do NOT report on campus
May 19Senior Clearance | In-Person Only at WILLS GYM | School Device Return | 2021 CHS Senior Clearance Form.pdf
ay 26Senior Clearance | School Device Return | In Person Only at WILLS GYM 
May 27, 10amAccess the Graduation Practice by using your Office365 Username/password to login to Microsoft TEAMS.
 Mandatory Virtual Practice Link
June 1report as directed for Graduation.  Graduate Parking & Reporting Information.
June 4Graduates not participating in the Commencement Ceremony can pickup diplomas from 1-3pm in the 2000 building lobby.

Commencement Ceremony Class of 2021
Date-Tuesday, June 1, 2021, Time-9:00 a.m.
Location- McEachern High School- Cantrell Stadium