Rising 6th Grade Parent Virtual Night

Rising 6th Grade Parent Virtual Night

Welcome to Griffin's Rising 6th Grade Parent Virtual Night! 

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Griffin Middle School Advanced Content Program

Advanced Content (AC) courses are offered in Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies in all grade levels. Reading* is offered in 6th and 7th grades. Foreign Language* and Visual Arts are offered in 8th grade. Placement in AC classes is determined using a points matrix that considers students’ standardized test scores, academic grades, and gifted status. Placement determinations will be made in early summer once all data is received. For more information, please contact Kacie Phipps at Kacie.Phipps@cobbk12.org.

Placement Matrix for 2022-2023

Achievement Test Scores (IOWA)*- Standardized, nationally normed, and current within two years**

(Reading Total- used for ELA, Reading, SS, and Science; Math Total- used for Math)

0-49%ile- 0 points

50-64%ile- 10 points

65-74%ile- 15 points

75-79%ile- 20 points

80-89%ile- 25 points

90-99%ile- 30 points


End of Grade (EOG) Test Scores (Milestones)*- should be current within two years**

(Reading Total- used for ELA, Reading, SS, and Science; Math Total- used for Math)

Beginning Learner- 0 points

Developing Learner- 10 points

Proficient Learner- 20 points

Distinguished Learner- 30 points

**Students who do not have IOWA and/or EOG scores will be considered using the other listed criteria

Reading Index (RI) (Science, SS, ELA, and Reading*) and Math Index (MI) scores

Level 1 (Below Basic)- 0 points

Level 2 (Basic)- 10 points

Level 3 (Proficient)- 20 points

Level 4 (Advanced)- 30 points

*Spanish in 8th grade

Subject Area Grade (most recent course grade average)*

0-79- 0 points

80-84- 5 points

85-89- 8 points

90-94- 10 points

95-100 – 20 points

*teacher recommendation can be used in lieu of grades

Gifted Status

No- 0 points Yes- 20 points

Additional Information

In order to remain in any Advanced Content class students must maintain a minimum of an 80 at the end of the 9 weeks. If the average is below an 80 at the end of a grading period, the student will be placed on probation. This probation continues for the remainder of the school year. If the grade drops below an 80 for a second time, the student may be removed from the AC class for one semester and must apply for re-entry.

The curriculum and instructional strategies for Advanced Content courses are differentiated in content, pacing, process skills emphasis, and expectation of student outcomes from the typical grade level course. Curriculum content has been designed for mastery and extension of Georgia’s state performance standards. The courses are appropriate for students who have high achievement and interest in the specific subject areas. The school has established criteria and guidelines that identify students who will be successful with the advanced curriculum offered in the subject areas. Students are placed in the classes according to specified indicators of demonstrated exceptional ability and motivation. Students must meet continuation criteria to remain in the classes.