Student Handbook


Kemp Elementary School


General Information

Principal: Dr. Billy PritzBilly.Pritz@cobbk12.org
Assistant Principal: Melissa FeldmanMelissa.Feldman@cobbk12.org
Assistant Principal: Allison GurskiAllison.Gurski@cobbk12.org
Secretary: Melissa HeltonMelissa.Helton@cobbk12.org
Clerk:    Ginger LathamGinger.Latham@cobbk12.org
CSIS Clerk: Margo HigdonMargo.Higdon@cobbk12.org
Nurse:  Alison PhillipsAlison.Phillips@cobbk12.org
Cafeteria Manager: Jessica CoxJessica.Cox@cobbk12.org

Office hours: 7:15am - 3:15pm

Cobb County Transportation: 678.594.8000

Bus route information may be obtained by using the bus route locator link found on the Cobb County website. 

School Hours:  7:45am – 2:10pm

Students may begin arriving at 7:15am. 

Transportation Changes/Early Check Out:

Early checkout ends at 1:45pm each day. ALL transportation changes must be made in writing and brought to the front office for a stamped approval in the mornings. For emergencies only, parents should call the school to change transportation no later than 1:45pm. All persons phoning in transportation changes will be required to fax/email a copy of your driver’s license/proof of identity. Emailed transportation changes to the teacher or front office will not be accepted. These policies are to protect your child’s safety.

Lunch/Forgotten Supplies Drop Off:

Anyone bringing in a forgotten lunch after the start of school should label the bag/lunch box on the outside with the child’s name and grade level. Check in at the front desk and then you will be directed to the cafeteria to place the lunch at the designated grade level drop off table. Your child will pick up his/her lunch at their lunch time.

In order to protect instructional time and limit distractions, all forgotten supplies must be dropped off in the front office by 9am. We ask that students not call home for forgotten tennis shoes, homework, supplies, etc. This should be for emergencies only. 


If your child misses school, please send an absence excuse to the front office upon their return. A doctor’s note is preferred, when applicable. 


We send out weekly email communication through Blackboard. If you do not receive something the first week, call the front office to check your email address. Text communication is typically sent as well throughout the year.


Every student at Kemp Elementary will be given a carpool number.  This number will be on a sign for your car as well as a tag on their book bag.  All students will have a number even if they are not a regular car rider.

This year we will offer family carpool numbers.  If you have 2 or more students riding together, you can get one number to represent the family.  You must stop by the media center during meet and greet or the front lobby during open house to pick this up.  

There are two options for carpool pick up.  You can pick up by driving in the carpool line or by walking up to the WALK UP car rider line.  The procedures for using each of these are outlined below.

Car Rider Line

Hang your carpool number from the rear view mirror inside your car.  A pants clothes hanger works best for this.  If you have more than one child, please hang all signs.  If you do not have a carpool number, you will be asked to park and come inside to pick up your child. You must have proper identification for us to release your child.

In order to keep the lanes open and not have as much congestion at dismissal time, we will be pulling a group of cars out of the line. Those cars will pull into our second lane, leaving a gap. Once our kids begin dismissing and the car-line begins moving, those cars will fall back into the line in their original order. We hope this alleviates the congestion, near-misses and headaches we’ve had around dismissal time.  

Drive through the carpool line and wait and the numbered spots for your child to arrive. Please pull all the way to the next spot before stopping.  

Please do not have your cell phone out during this time.  (per new “distracted driving” law)

Walk-Up Car Rider Line

When you arrive at 2:10 to pick up your child, park your car in a parking space.  Do not enter the carpool line.  

After parking, take your carpool sign with you to the walk up car rider line.  You must have this number for your child to be dismissed to you.  We will not allow a child to leave without proper identification.

Walk through the gate on the front playground.  Walk through the playground and around the corner to the designated waiting area.  Teachers will be there to dismiss the students.

Please remember that the first few days will be longer and a little more chaotic than the others. We are trying our best to get to know faces and families.  Please be patient with us as we want to make sure your child’s safety is our first priority.

School Policies and Procedures


Instructional time in an elementary school is structured and sequential. Family vacations should be planned with the school calendar in mind to prevent children from missing essential skills. When providing a note for an absence, please indicate the following information: Child’s Name, Teacher’s Name, Date(s) of absence, the reason for absence, the signature of parent or guardian. Absent excuses may be sent in prior to an absence when applicable and for half-day absences and will also be accepted upon return to school.

Excused Absences include:

  • When personally ill and when attendance in school would endanger the health of the child or the health of others.
  • When there is a serious illness or death in the child’s immediate family, which would reasonably necessitate absence from school.
  • On special and recognized religious holidays observed by the child’s faith.
  • A Doctor or Dental appointment with an excuse note from their office.

Absences From School Grounds:

Children may not leave the school grounds during regular school hours unless authorized to do so through the office.  Children will be released only to their parents and/or guardians unless the school has been authorized otherwise in writing.  If a child must leave early, a parent or authorized adult must come into the office and sign the child out. The child will be called to the office to be released. Identification will be required.


If a child has an accident during the day requiring medical attention, we will contact a parent. If a parent cannot be contacted, we will take the child to a local emergency room provided a medical release has been signed. Judgment in such cases is at the discretion of the school authorities, and parents assume financial responsibility. Please keep an updated phone number on file in the office.


Admission requirements for admission to Cobb County Schools are established in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia and policies of the Cobb County School System.


Children who are five (5) years of age on or before September 1 are eligible for kindergarten.

Children who are six (6) years of age on or before September 1 are eligible for first grade.


In order for a student to be admitted to Cobb County Schools, the parent/guardian shall provide proof of residency.

Any one or more of the following will be required:

  • Home ownership title or security deed in the name of the parent/guardian
  • Lease or rental agreement
  • Current utility bill (gas, telephone, power, water)
  • Current Georgia driver’s license
  • Current bank, credit union, or other financial institution documentation
  • Voter registration documentation from Cobb County


A birth certificate with legal seal must be presented at registration.


It is required by law that your child be immunized. Immunization may be obtained through your private physician or the Cobb County Health Department. Services at the Health Department are free. The state of Georgia now requires that all children born after January 1, 1992 receive a three (3) dose series of Hepatitis B vaccine prior to entering kindergarten.


Each child is required to have a completed hearing, vision, and dental form GA 3300 on file when entering the school. These examinations can be completed by your child’s primary care physician or at the local public health center.


In cases of divorce or legal separation disputes, we request official custody papers to keep on file. Legal papers declaring guardianship changes should be on file at the school.


Based on Georgia law (Official Code of Georgia Annotated, Code Section 20-1-150), parents are to provide the Social Security number for children who are enrolled in a public school in Georgia. If a parent does not wish to divulge the child’s social security number to the school, they are to have a notarized waiver form on file. That form becomes part of the student’s permanent record. Waivers are available at the school.


The After School Program (ASP) operated on the days that school is in session and will begin August 1, 2019; hours are 2:15 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.  ASP will operate as an extension of the instructional day for the parents and students of Kemp Elementary and will function under the guidelines as established by the Cobb County Board of Education. Registration for the program is required prior to attendance. Application forms and information are available in the school office. ASP services are available to parents on a pre-paid basis only. It is advisable for parents to register and pre-pay one day of ASP for emergency or last minute situations. All unused funds will be refunded to parents at the end of the school year. PLEASE NOTE: ASP registration fee is $10.00 and daily fee is $7.00. If you have questions contact Carla Brown, ASP Director at Carla.Brown@cobbk12.org


Law requires regular school attendance for children between the ages of seven and sixteen. Regular attendance means actual attendance of a pupil during the entire day of school. We solicit your cooperation in planning appointments that do not interrupt school hours. The Cobb County Board of Education requires that the school keep proper attendance records on all students. These records shall be open to inspection by the school social worker. We promote prompt and regular attendance for all students.


Breakfast is served daily from 7:15 – 7:45. Breakfast will be $1.50 per student.  Reduced breakfast is $.30.  An adult breakfast is $2.00.


All students transported within the Cobb County School System shall behave in a manner that is conducive to safety and welfare. Behavior of students on school buses is considered an extension of classroom behavior. Students who fail to respond to direction of the bus drivers shall be reported to the school principal who may deny the student bus transportation.  Students shall observe the following code of conduct established for the Cobb County Public Schools: 

  1. Students must show proper respect to the driver at all times and obey all driver instructions.
  2. Large toys, insects, glass bottles, animals, plastic bags, straight or safety pins, skateboards or objectionable and dangerous items are not permitted.
  3. Tobacco, illegal drugs, alcohol and weapons or look-alikes are prohibited.
  4. Students will keep their arms and head inside the bus at all times.
  5. Nothing is to be thrown in, out or from the bus.
  6. The use of obscene language or gestures is prohibited.
  7. Unnecessary noise is prohibited.
  8. Destruction or defacing school property is prohibited.
  9. Food, gum or drinks cannot be consumed on the bus.
  10. Drivers are required to assign seats to elementary and middle school students.
  11. Students must be seated at all times unless otherwise directed by the driver.
  12. Students must be quiet at railroad crossings.
  13. When crossing a street is necessary, students will wait for the driver to signal to cross the street and then cross in front of the bus in full view of the driver.
  14. The emergency door, windows and hatches are to be used only at the direction of the driver.
  15. Students are to be at the bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled time and are to wait in an orderly manner. The bus is not considered late until five minutes past the scheduled time.
  16. Students may be allowed to ride a bus and to disembark at a bus stop other than that assigned for their residence provided the parent/guardian submits the request in writing to the principal for approval.
  17. Any other disruptive behavior will be referred to the principal as deemed necessary to insure safe transportation of students.


Car riders and children who ride day care buses are dismissed immediately following the 2:10 announcements. Please do not come to the office earlier and check out your child to “get an early start.” This is disruptive to the ending of your child’s day and interrupts the classroom and the office. Prompt pick up of your child is necessary. Any student not picked up by 2:45 p.m. will be placed in the After School Program at the parent’s expense. Car riders are to be dropped off and picked up in front of the school. No child may be dropped off at school before 7:15 a.m.  Parents must have a CAR POOL sign to pick students up in the afternoon. Students should be dropped off in the car pool line.  

CELL Phones

Please review the CCSD cell phone use policy contained in the Student Code of Conduct.  While cell phones can be an important communication and safety device for families, their use during the school day is prohibited and can be quite disruptive.  Cell phones that are visible or turned on during the school day are subject to confiscation.  If a cell phone or electronic device is found to contain evidence of criminal activity, including types of pornography, that device may be permanently confiscated and provided to law enforcement.  


A conference with your child’s teacher is the best means of learning how your child is performing in school. Every parent is asked to attend a minimum of one scheduled conference each year. Requests for additional conferences can be made by the parent or the teacher or by calling the school. We ask that you not drop in unannounced for a conference. The teacher may have a prior commitment. The one scheduled conference week is in October. Students will be dismissed at 12:20.

We suggest you prepare a list of questions which you feel are important to understanding your child’s role in the overall school program. This list may include some of the following: Does my child readily participate in classroom activities? In what subject area is my child strongest? Weakest? How can we, as parents, help at home? Offer any information about home background that you feel may help the teacher better understand your child. This would include illnesses, emotional, social or other factors at home. Feel free to ask questions if something is puzzling you about your child’s school activities. Be positive about suggestions that the teacher may make about your child. Remember that they are said with the best interests of your child in mind.


In conformity with State Board of Education rules and regulations, voluntary contributions, donations and grants may be received from interested citizens for support of the educational program of Cobb County School District. Incidental to this, citizens may contribute toward expenditures for materials, supplies, equipment and activities. No student may be charged either tuition or fees as a condition of enrollment or full participation in the instructional program. Pursuant to law OCGA 20-2-671, admission to all Cobb County Public Schools shall be gratuitous to all eligible children residing within the Cobb County District.


Our objective at Kemp is to teach students self-control and responsibility. We expect and insist on proper behavior and conduct so that optimal learning may take place. When necessary, we employ approved methods of dealing with unacceptable behavior. Kemp elementary does not use corporal punishment as a disciplinary measure.


Students’ dress should be neat and allow for maximum comfort and flexibility. Students’ dress should also allow us to maintain an environment that is conducive to learning. Therefore students should adhere to the following dress code.

  • Hats, caps, bandanas or headbands are not worn in school, unless announced for special occasions.
  • Clothing with obscene or suggestive language is not permitted.
  • Clothing which promotes violence, gangs or is racially insensitive is not permitted.
  • Crop tops, halter-tops, tank tops, or muscle shirts that expose the midriff are not allowed.
  • Clothing that advertises alcohol, sex, drugs, or tobacco will not be allowed.
  • Shoulder straps on dresses, blouses, or shirts must be at least two inches in width.
  • Shirts must be tucked in or overlap pants or skirts. Shirts with tails and oversized shirts should be tucked in.
  • Dresses, shorts, skirts, and skorts must be below fingertips when arms and hands are extended.
  • Spandex material is not allowed, but cotton tights or leggings can be worn if tops (shirts) are at least mid-thigh.
  • Pants with belt loops must be worn on your waist and with a belt (undergarments must not be visible).
  • The students attend PE on a regular basis and participate in daily outdoor activities, therefore, tennis shoes are recommended for their comfort and safety.
  • Facial make-up and false or extended fingernails are deemed inappropriate for elementary-aged students, and should not be worn at school.
  • No articles of clothing that the teacher or administrator considers disruptive or inappropriate will be allowed.  Students violating the dress code will be given the opportunity to change clothes or they may be sent home.


The CCSD calendar has early release days listed throughout the year.  Please refer to the calendar for the specific dates.  Students will be dismissed at 12:30pm.  


Should there be an emergency and you need to pick up your child, come to the school office. There is a sign-out sheet for you to sign. DO NOT go directly to the classroom for students, as the teacher will not release them. Your child’s protection is our concern, and we solicit your cooperation in following this procedure. Your child will be called to the office for release.


A field trip is defined as “a planned educational experience directly related to and correlated with a particular unit of study or a specialized function of the school.” We believe that there is a definite place for this educational experience in the instructional program. The principal based on their direct and meaningful relationship to the curriculum approves field trips. Donations are requested from parents for each field trip. No student will be denied the opportunity to attend but if adequate donations are not collected, the field trip may be canceled. Students participating in field trips must return to school for dismissal.


Homework is assigned to benefit the student in the following ways: skills practice, review, reference work, special projects and reports. It also trains a child in good work habits, promotes responsibility and affords the opportunity for an increase in self-direction. Another goal of homework is to help a student learn to budget time. The amount and type of homework assigned is determined by the needs of the individual student.  We encourage active parent participation in their child’s program through their support and supervision of homework assignments. This is one method of communication that tells parents a great deal about what is being done at school. Parents can also help with homework by providing the right atmosphere for studying.


We have a full-time registered nurse on staff. The nurse or staff will provide basic first-aid for cuts and abrasions. Students who become ill during the day, or show signs of infection or contagious diseases (see below) will be sent home. In this situation, parents or guardians will be required to pick up their child when contacted by the school. Because we care, we coordinate with the Cobb County Board of Health in protecting children from certain symptoms of communicable diseases.


When the Cobb County School System is going to be closed because of inclement weather, the decision for closing schools is usually made by 6:00 a.m. and given to the radio and television stations. The closings are usually announced right after the headlines on the hour and at a continuous scroll along the bottom of the screen. In the event of early dismissal due to inclement weather, students will be sent home following the instructions on the inclement weather form. Each parent or guardian is responsible for completing this form and keeping it updated. The After School Program will be canceled when there is an early school closing.


According to Georgia law, the length of the school day for students in kindergarten through third grade must be at least 41/2 hours, exclusive of lunch and recess periods. In addition, the length of the school day for students in grades 4 and 5 must be at least six (6) hours, exclusive of lunch and recess periods. The hours for Kemp Elementary are 7:45 until 2:15 p.m., which provides a six-hour instructional day and a 30-minute lunch period. Instructional time will be guarded from unnecessary interruptions each day.


A nutritious and attractive lunch is served daily. All students are required to eat in the cafeteria whether they buy lunch or bring it from home. Regular participants in the lunch program are encouraged to pay weekly or monthly in advance.  Advance payments are made in the cafeteria every morning before 7:45 a.m. Credits may be used at any time. Make checks payable to Kemp Elementary and be sure to include your child’s name and teacher. You are always welcome to have lunch with your child. Fast foods are not to be brought to school for lunches. Also, no carbonated drinks may be brought from home. Regular price lunches: $2.35 – students, $3.75 adults. Reduced price lunch $.40. Students are allowed to charge twice before being offered an alternate meal.


Neither classwork nor homework assignments will be sent home when a child is absent only one day. This work can be made up when the child returns to school. Work assignments for lengthy absences may be picked up in the office after 2:30 p.m, given a 24hr notice. 


The Media Center is designed to serve the total school population in several areas of service. The Media Center is open to students at all times. Books will be circulated for a maximum of two weeks. There is no late fine, although children are not allowed to check out additional books until overdue books are returned or paid for. The student must purchase books that are damaged beyond repair, through neglect or misuse. Lost books are the responsibility of the child who checked out the book.


Please be sure that your child comes to school with all the instructions and supplies needed to ensure a successful school day. If an emergency should arise, please leave a note in the office, which will be delivered to the teacher/student. Messages to students and/or teachers should be kept to an absolute minimum so as to preserve the instructional day. If you are writing notes regularly, we ask that you seek ways to reduce these messages. Transportation changes must be submitted in writing.  As a security measure telephone changes will not be accepted and we will only accept faxes which include a copy of the parent/guardian’s driver’s license or GA ID.


All medication will be dispensed through the school clinic with a signed authorization form. A school employee or adult volunteer may, with written permission from the child’s parent/guardian, assist the child in taking medication. Prescription drugs must be in the original container, bare the name of the patient, the name of the physician prescribing the medication, the dosage and the name of the pharmacy filling the prescription. If a student requires emergency treatment involving hypodermic injection, prior approval must be obtained by using the appropriate form Written parental consent for the administration of medication to the pupil is required (1) for each discrete illness and for each medication ordered, whether given simultaneously or sequentially and (2) twice a school year for a chronic illness requiring long term administration.


Physical education is an essential part of the educational curriculum of Cobb County Schools. Students should wear lace-up shoes, preferable tennis shoes, for physical education classes. Keeping the safety of each student foremost, no sandals, wheelies, stacks, boots, clogs or dress shoes should be worn to P.E. Students are not required to dress out for physical education, but they should wear appropriate clothing for participation in activities such as tumbling or gymnastics.  Non-participation: Students requesting an excuse from total participation in P.E. for any duration or restrictive participation for more than five consecutive days after returning to school must have a physician’s statement specifying the type of illness or injury and the nature and duration of the restriction.


Individual pictures will be taken during the school year.  Individual and class pictures will also be taken at mid-year.


Each morning, students in the Cobb County School System shall be afforded the opportunity to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. Students participating in the recitation of the Pledge will be expected to stand, face the flag and recite the Pledge in unison.  Students not participating in the recitation of the Pledge may a) stand and refrain from reciting the Pledge, or b) remain seated. Georgia Code Section 20-2-286 states: “Each student in the public schools of this state shall be afforded the opportunity to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America during each school day. It shall be the duty of each local board of education to establish a policy setting the time and manner for recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Such policy shall be established in writing and shall be distributed to each teacher within the school.”


Cobb County Policy JDCAB/C – Consuming, possessing, storing alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs, narcotics, hallucinogens, amphetamines, barbiturates, marijuana, or any other substance listed under the Georgia Controlled Substance Act, on school property, school buses, or at a school sponsored event is prohibited. A student shall not falsely identify a substance to be alcohol or other drugs. Sniffing or being under the influence of inhalants is prohibited. Students are prohibited from bringing drug related paraphernalia to school. Possession of all prescription medication must be in compliance with Policy JGCD. Students are prohibited from bringing diet pills, caffeine pills or other stimulants to school. Possession of all over-the-counter medication must be in compliance with Policy JGCD.


Students must be registered each year by parents or legal guardians. For all new kindergarten and first-grade students, a spring registration is conducted. The registration date is announced in the local newspaper and on the website. For all current Kemp students, a registration form is sent home in the spring, which parents must update, sign, and return in order for them to be placed in a classroom in the fall.


There are many possible reasons why students struggle with the demands of school and begin to fall behind their peers in academics or show behavior problems.  In an effort to accommodate the learning needs of those students who experience school difficulties schools across the nation are implementing RTI .  RTI is a flexible problem-solving model in which schools provide assistance to match the learner’s needs.  The Cobb County School District has adopted the model developed by the Georgia Department of Education that organizes school intervention services into 4 levels, or Tiers.  

Tier 1:  Universal classroom support    

Tier 2:  More targeted small group support

Tier 3:  More intensive individual support   

Tier 4:  Special education services

You are welcome to contact your child’s teacher or one of the counselors if you would like to know more about the RTI  process.


Kemp Elementary has a School Council which meets regularly. The purpose of this council is to promote communication between school and community. Council members will determine meeting dates and times, which will be posted in advance.  Elected staff members and parents and selected community leaders will serve on this council.


It is the policy of the Cobb County Board of Education that students shall be able to enjoy an educational environment free from all forms of discrimination, including sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is unlawful under federal law and is specifically prohibited by the Board of Education and will not be tolerated. Please refer to policies JAB and GAB for the specific definition and compliant tiling procedures. A copy is available on Cobb’s website www.cobbk12.org.


No person, firm, corporation or business shall enter school property during the hours of operation for any purpose of selling, trading, or bartering merchandise of any kind to a student, employee, school club or organization, nor shall any of the above enter a school property for the purpose of soliciting money from a student, employee, school club or organization for any purpose other than approved exceptions. All school fund-raising drives shall meet guidelines established by the Cobb County Board of Education and receive approval of the principal. Door-to-door solicitation by students is prohibited.


The power of suspension is vested in the school administration. This action will never be taken lightly and only after every other means has been exhausted in trying to deal with the problem. In every case involving suspension, parents will be called. Discipline will be enforced at Kemp. It is the feeling of the administration that children cannot learn in an environment that lacks order. We expect good manners and behavior at all times. Violation of a county policy, such as weapons, drugs, etc. will result automatic suspension.


School begins promptly at 7:45 a.m. It is very important that students arrive at school on time. When students are tardy, class is interrupted, instruction is missed, and a bad habit may be instilled in the student. Parents must accompany tardy students into the office for sign-in; tardy slips may be obtained in the office so that the student will be admitted into the classroom.


The tobacco policy adopted by the Cobb County Board of Education states: Tobacco use has been determined by the Surgeon General to be a health hazard. Furthermore, the Cobb County Board of Education has determined that tobacco use is inconsistent with the concepts and principles taught in the curriculum of the school system.

Since tobacco use is not in the best interest of students or employees, the use of tobacco by employees or visitors shall be prohibited in all school system buildings, offices, vehicles (including trucks, automobiles and buses) and grounds, or while supervising student activities or school-sponsored events. School staff members shall be responsible for enforcing policies and regulations concerning student use of tobacco.


Deliberate and willful destruction of school property cannot be tolerated. Offenders will be dealt with accordingly. After-hours vandalism will be reported to the police immediately and charges brought against the offenders. Parents are responsible for property maliciously destroyed by a student.


Parents and other visitors are welcome in our school. We enjoy the opportunity to share our school and its programs with others. For the safety of our students and to preserve instructional time, however, all visitors must report to the office immediately upon entering the school. Each visitor is asked to sign in, present a state identification to be entered into the school program. Visitors MUST wear a visitor’s sticker to visit any part of the building. Visitors should not bring children with them when visiting a classroom. Instructional time will be preserved.

We ask that you not visit classrooms unless the teacher has been made aware of your visit in advance. We must insure that all disruptions to the instructional program are minimized and unannounced visits can be disruptive to the learning process. Please refrain from early morning visits unless they are scheduled. Teachers are involved in instructional duties during this time and should not be interrupted. Thank you for your cooperation.


Volunteers play an increasingly vital role in the total educational program. A school volunteer is an adult who is willing to give time and talent to help our students as a member of the education team. Please contact the school office, your child’s teacher, or a PTA officer to become involved. Volunteers must sign-in each time they enter the building, present a state ID  prior to beginning their scheduled work. Volunteers are asked NOT to bring siblings or other children with them when volunteering.


A student shall not use or threaten to use, or sell, attempt to sell or conspire to sell, or possess, handle, or transmit or cause to be transmitted, a weapon, either concealed or open to view, on school property, as hereinafter defined. School property includes, but is not limited to, (1) the land and improvements which constitute the school, (2) any other property and building where any school function or activity is conducted, (3) any bus or other vehicle used in connection with school functions and activities, including but not limited to, school buses, buses leased by the School District and privately-owned vehicles used for transportation to and from school activities, and (4) personal belongings, automobiles, or other vehicles which are located on school property. This policy also covers look-alike weapons (toy guns, knives, etc.). A suspension may be assigned for a minimum of one day up to and including the last day of the current school quarter or semester. An expulsion is any suspension that runs beyond the current school quarter or semester. A copy of this policy (JCDAC) will be sent home with students at the beginning of the school year and will be given to parents who register their children at a later date. Please review this policy with your child.


When a student is going to withdraw from school, the parents or guardian should notify the front office at least 24 hours prior to the child’s last day.  Please let the front office know the last day the student will be in attendance, the area the family is moving to, and the school the student will be attending, if known.  The student should give the note to his teacher who will send the information to the front office. The teacher will give the student a copy of a withdrawal form to take to their new school. Our office staff needs (at minimum) a one-day prior notice in order to process the paperwork.  The front office will prepare the withdrawal form and provide a copy to the parent/guardian to take to the child’s new school.  This form will be available for the parent/guardian to sign and pick up on the child’s final day.