First Semester Exam Info

Final Exams


Please review the read the below important information below concerning our school operations during first semester final exams and the closing of the semester (download a print-ready version of this information).

  1. Students will be given comprehensive final examinations covering the curriculum of each course in which they are enrolled this semester. These examinations will be given according to the schedule found above. Cobb County School District policy does not allow any exams to be given early. 
  2. During the days of final examinations, each student should make every effort to be fully prepared. All classes will meet on Tuesday, Dec. 13, and 1st - 6th periods will meet on Wednesday, Dec. 14. That Wednesday is considered a full day of school and parents who want their student(s) to stay all day must complete this form. It is a great opportunity for students to receive extra review. Students will be dismissed from school at 11:35 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 15 and Friday, Dec. 16. 
  3. Early dismissal will be authorized on Wednesday, Dec. 14 for all students unless the school receives this form by Wednesday, Dec. 7. 
  4. There will be heavy traffic after the 2nd period final on Wednesday, Dec. 14. Please carpool and plan accordingly. 
  5. Lunch will be served as usual on Tuesday, Dec. 13. A limited menu will be served on Wednesday, Dec. 14 after 2nd period. To go sandwiches will be offered for purchase after the last class on Thursday, Dec. 15 and Friday, Dec. 16 and buses will run at 11:35 a.m. 
  6. Students are expected to return designated textbooks before the end of the semester or make payment for lost or damaged books. Students who owe for textbooks or any other debts (uniforms, media center fines, etc.) should make arrangements to make payment before the end of the day on Friday, Dec. 9. Students who owe fines or other debts will be placed on the Hold List and will not be eligible to purchase a parking permit or receive additional textbooks for the spring semester. Textbook fines can be paid to Mrs. Frank in the Media Center or the Textbook Room. All Media Center fines should be paid in the Media Center. All parking fines should be paid to Mrs. Crock in the Attendance Office. Checks should be made payable to Lassiter High School.