Elementary School Scenario



Emma’s virtual school day starts with a wake up of 7AM so she has time for a healthy breakfast and proper hygiene. She prepares to meet with her teacher and classmates and wants to look presentable on camera and be ready to learn! 

Today is Tuesday, so last night, she made sure to complete her homework for reading and science. She also made a list of questions for her math teacher about the lesson they learned on Monday. She wants to be prepared to participate in class. Emma has a glass of water to stay properly hydrated during her morning sessions. 

At 7:55 a.m., Emma logs on to CTLS and launches the morning meeting with her teacher. Today’s focus is on social emotional learning skills, and she looks forward to hearing more about responsible decision-making. 

Her teacher transitions to a reading lesson at 8:20 a.m. and she listens attentively as her teacher, Ms. Smith, introduces the topic of identifying main idea and key details. After the mini-lesson, Ms. Smith releases most of the students to their independent work time while Emma works in a small group with four other students and her teacher to practice identifying main idea and key details. After small group time, Emma moves to independent work time where she reads an informational text and uses a graphic organizer to identify the main idea and key details in the text and independently reads an appropriately leveled book. After 40 minutes of independent work time, it is time for whole group phonics instruction. Ms. Smith shares words and sentences containing prefixes or suffixes for students to identify and define. During small group practice time, students work together to create words to add to their journal of prefixes, suffixes that they will refer to when reading and writing. 

Emma steps away from her computer during her 15-minute break to rest her eyes, have a snack, and refill her glass of water. 

At 10:00 a.m. Emma logs back into her math class. Ms. Smith, begins with Number Talks with  a one-digit by two-digit multiplication problem, 5X14. After Number Talks, Ms. Smith will review the previous lesson on area. Students complete a review activity in whole group before Ms. Smith shares their assessment. Last night, Emma reviewed her past assignments to make  sure she was prepared for the test. Ms. Smith shares the test, and Emma completes it during the independent work time. 

The whole class comes back together for a social studies lesson. Ms. Smith continues to discuss that some goods are made locally, some elsewhere in the country, and some in other countries. The students complete a graphic organizer that illustrates the origin of certain goods. 

During her 45-minute lunch time, Emma eats and goes outside to play. The exercise helps her to stretch her legs, clear her mind, and refocus for her asynchronous music lesson. She also connects with her family to update her progress for the day. 

At 12:30 p.m., Emma logs into CTLS to access the music lesson. She listens to and sings along to a variety of songs. She completes an activity where she notates and identifies quarter notes, quarter rests, half notes, and half rests. She submits the work to Ms. Smith. 

Emma logs off the computer at the end of the music lesson. She refills her glass of water and works on the homework assigned in both reading and social studies. She also spends 30 minutes reading independently on a book of her choice. 

Emma finishes reading her book and plays outside before going to her recreational activities (outside of school) later that evening.