COVID-19 Update from the Superintendent

Superintendent COVID-19 Update

Given the rescheduling of the Cobb School Board meeting this week in honor of Yom Kippur, I want to directly brief you on the current status of COVID-19 in the Cobb County School District. 

Over the last three weeks, we have seen a substantial drop in COVID-19 cases in Cobb schools: 

  1. As of today’s update, positive cases in our schools have declined 44% since peaking the week of August 27. 
  2. This drop is reflected in our schools, with 103 of our 114 schools showing a decline in cases – meaning 90% of our schools have seen a decrease in positive cases.

I have attached a school-by-school briefing that allows you to view your individual school. 

Please note the percentages in any one of the District’s schools can differ from the overall numbers across Cobb’s 114 schools. For those schools which have not yet seen drops, we expect similar declines as COVID-19 spread also declines in those areas of the Cobb community. 

The drop in positive cases in Cobb Schools compares favorably to statewide data. During the same period of August 27 to September 16, positive cases in the under-18 population statewide dropped 48%. 

We are constantly assessing what we do based on the most accurate data available, and we will continue to do so moving forward. 

Our commitment to our staff, students, and parents will continue focusing on data-based approaches, balancing our commitments to continuing to provide Cobb County’s students with an internationally competitive education, ensuring a safe instructional environment for our staff and students, and preserving the overwhelming preference of our community for a choice of in-person learning.