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New Student Enrollment Requirements

Open House & PTA Thursday, August 13

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Pigs and Peaches Writing Competition

 Georgia Parent Survey

Parents we are asking for your feedback on the Georgia Parent Survey.  This survey will give you the opportunity to give Chalker feedback regarding the school academic program, behavior and climate.  There are 24 questions on the survey. The data will also be used to calculate the School Climate Star Rating for Chalker on the CCRPI.  Please take the time to fill out this brief survey. 
Thank you so much!



District Direction for Continuous Improvement Chart


2014 – 2015 Chalker School Council Members

 Sharon Arduino, Principal

Sharon Ringham, Teacher

Jane Bennight, Teacher

Jeanette Harrison, Parent

Nickisha Hristopoulos, Parent

Kathleen McElroy, Parent/ Business Person

Angy Eljiche, Parent / Business Person

Susan Spinos, Business Partner


Seeking professional, safety-minded individuals for

School Bus Drivers!

Starting rate is $14.51/hour
Apply online:  www.ccsdbusdriver.com

Chalker Teacher of the Year 2015-2016
Mrs. Ginny Lyon-Burling  

Marguerite Brand, our wonderful custodian, was voted Chalker's Classified Employee of the Year for 2015-2016.  She was also recently recognized for 36 years of dedicated service to CCSD. 

Registering New Students at Chalker
Registration is handled between 8:00 am and 11:30 am each day. 
For your convenience, you may make an appointment  to register your child.  If you arrive after 11:30 am, we will be glad to give you a registration packet to take home with you.  Class placement will depend on the information that the enrolling adult provides and information from the previous school.  Once all the pertinent information is received, we can place your child in a classroom.
Thank you for your help with the registration process.

This is Our Wonder Board which goes with the Chalker School Vision of SPARK WONDER, DREAM DREAMS AND BECOME MORE THAN EVER IMAGINED.  Students write an I wonder question.  Other students take those questions  home, research and write the answer and then share the information on the morning news.  Come and check out the great questions and the even greater answers, the board is right outside the cafeteria!


Clinic Substitutes
Licenced Clinic Substitutes needed, $18.40 hourly rate.
Apply online at www.cobbk12.org

Students' birthday celebrations
Thank you for taking the time to review the following school policy which can be found in the Chalker Parent / Student Handbook.
For children’s birthdays, treats may be brought during lunch time only, for the teacher to distribute to the students. We are promoting a more health conscience approach to birthday treats and ask that you consider bringing mini cupcakes or something more nutritious. Please do not bring party favors, balloons, etc. to the classrooms as this can interrupt valuable instructional time.
Please coordinate all birthday treats beforehand ( 2 days ahead of time) with the classroom teacher so we can address any student allergies.

We appreciate your support of this policy as we want to work with you so that all students can participate in these special treat days. 
Thank you!

Chalker PTA
Support Chalker..... join PTA, please click on the link above to join PTA, find info about the PTA officers, Chalker Chatter, fundraisers, food nights after school activities, special events and much more.

Performing Arts
Do you remember donating money and signing permission slips for Cobb County Performing Arts?

All the donations go to the county; they pay for 2nd and 5th grade field trips, and then send the rest back to the school.
These programs were a huge hit with all the students, so please consider donating to this fund, click here for more information and to download a permission slip and the donation form.
Here are some of the upcoming Performing Arts programs. Some are sponsored by Chalker PTA and some are paid with Performing Arts donations.
3rd Grade (PA) - Holly Stephens: Laura Ingalls
K-5th Grade (PTA) - Laughing Matters Improv
2nd Grade (PA) - Ballet (Field Trip)
K and 1st Grade (PA) - Wendy Bennett: Sing!
4th Grade (PA) - Sherry Norfolk: Spine Tinglers
K-5th Grade (PA) - Atlanta Opera: "Stone Soup"
5th Grade (PTA) - GA Ensemble Theatre

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Did you know that State Child Protective Services has a policy regarding lack of adequate supervision for children?
State Policy states that children, ages 13 and above, can act as babysitters for other children. Children, ages 9 – 12, can occasionally be left unsupervised for brief periods of time. Children 8 years old and younger should never be left home alone. Of course, a specific child’s immaturity and behavior may necessitate adult supervision.

Click on the Cheetah mural to take a tour of our school!

Chalker is a STEPS TO RESPECT school.
We believe bullying is unfair and one sided. It happens when someone keeps hurting, frighting, threatening or leaving someone out on purpose.

Chalker After School enrichment programs
Click here for a complete list of programs, times, locations and contacts.

Full Court Basketball
Kids 'N
More Than a Lesson  

Supply lists for 2015-2016
Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade

Click here for more information on:

 Thank you for your support of Cobb Schools Foundation!  Proceeds from these events/activities help the Foundation provide grants to teachers, scholarships for graduating seniors, ASP scholarships to kids in need, Project 2400, Classified Employee of the Year awards and many other programs funded by the Cobb Schools Foundation.

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