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2015-2016 Staff

Cobb Summer Link incorporates both digital and print resources to extend learning opportunities to families of K-5 students through the summer.  
Summer Link
focuses on math learning guides for each grade level and independent reading learning guides specific to students’ current reading levels.
 Families can access digital resources associated with the math and literacy learning guides through the
Summer Link webpage: www.cobbk12.org/cobblink/. 

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Learning Commons Information
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CCSD Summer Reading Info Links
Summer Reading Link to Log Minutes
Summer Reading Flyer
Video Link
I am believing we will have our picture in the Scholastic Book of World Records!!!

Kindergarten Video Link


The Cobb County School District continues to wait on the Georgia Department of Education to provide student results to the district and local schools.  We strongly believe that the retest opportunity is important to both students and schools.  In our 2014 retest administration 40% of students who retested in math passed on the second attempt, and 34% of the students who retested in reading passed on the second attempt.  Both our students and teachers have worked hard over the past three weeks to continue addressing any learning gaps, and we remain convinced that students deserve and can benefit from a second opportunity.

Despite the benefits of retesting, we cannot keep our schools, children, or families in limbo any longer.  Due to the State’s continued delay in returning student results, the Cobb County School District has decided to cancel the originally scheduled plan to retest.

Bus Stop Changes Must Follow These Rules:

Parents please be reminded: Bus stop changes
 must be in writing and turned into the school for approval, then given to the driver in the PM. Any request has to be
 for a bus stop on the bus route. This is the same process year round.

Link to Bus Form

 Please remember student safety as they are
exiting the bus and moving away from the bus.
The bus must stay on schedule to deliver the other students.

Bus Rule 25. Students must board and exit the school bus at their designated bus stop ONLY. Alternate arrangements must be pre-approved using CCSD Bus Pass completely filled out by Parents/Guardian and with a school administrator approval (in writing). This written permission must be given to the school bus driver when boarding the school bus. (Bus Pass can be denied if school bus is at capacity or if the student has a history of bus behavior offenses or becomes an offender)

Upcoming Events

Last Day of School May 25th

Early Dismissal May 24th & 25th
Dismiss at 12:20

New Student Registration     July 12  9 AM – 6 PM

Davis Meet and Greet       July 29    
New Families to Davis  8:30-9 AM
 Last Name A-L     9-10 AM 
Last Name M-Z  10-11 AM

First Day of School             August 1

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Lisa Darrow - 2016 Teacher of the Year:

Our Teacher of the year, Lisa Darrow

Maureen Collins -
2016 Classified Employee of the Year:

Classified Employee of the Year 2016

Videos of Happenings 2015-2016:

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Bookfair Happenings!

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October Davis Happenings!

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November Davis Happenings!

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Veterans Day Celebration!

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December Davis Happenings!

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Davis Students Engaged in Learning!

The Davis 8: Rules to Live By

  • If you win, do not brag; if you lose do not show anger.
  • Always say "thank you" when given something.
  • Do not ask for a reward.
  • Subject transitions will be swift, quiet and orderly.
  • Move through the halls quietly at all times, keep your arms at your side and never cut in line.
  • Learn from your mistakes and move on.
  • No matter the circumstances, always be honest.
  • Recognize the efforts and successes of your classmates.


District/Board Calendar

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Davis Tigers

Our Vision
Our vision is to empower the dreams of our students by building their love of learning.

Our Mission
The mission of Davis Elementary is to develop critical thinkers who can become life-long learners in a diverse culture. We will achieve this by providing a quality program for all students in a safe, supportive and challenging environment. We, as a school community, will facilitate learning through an integrated curriculum that incorporates current learning methods, strategies and technologies. Serving as role models, we will foster positive character traits in students with an emphasis on respect for themselves and others.

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