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The mission of Kincaid Elementary is to encourage every individual child to reach his or her potential while celebrating the diversity of our school family. We strive to create a safe and cooperative environment where students will develop and demonstrate responsibility and respect for themselves and others.



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EARLY RELEASE: OCTOBER 19-23 dismissal at 12:20 pm

Lunch and Specials time for each class can be viewed on the Parents tab at the top of this page.

Testing is Coming to Kincaid

The CoGAT and IOWA will soon be here. Our 1st and 3rd graders will be taking the CoGAT Tuesday, Sept. 29th - Thursday, Oct. 1st. The 3rd and 5th grade students will take the IOWA Monday, Oct. 5th - Thursday, Oct. 8th.

 We've been showing information during our morning news shows to help calm any nervousness that our students may have. While these test scores are important in helping our school plan better strategies for educating our students more efficiently, these tests should not be something that students stress over. We have wonderful students that always try their best at any activity that we ask them to do. We know that they will do the same on the tests. Their best is all that we expect from them.

Here are some simple tips that can help to relieve student anxiety about testing:

1. Make sure your student gets plenty of rest the night before a test (try not to schedule any late night activities/practices on a test night)

2. Make sure your student eats a good breakfast with both carbohydrates and proteins (fruit and cheese, cereal and yogurt, etc.)

3. Put your child on the bus so they will be at school on time without any rushing (if a bus is late then the testing is held until the bus arrives, if you are late in the car line then your child misses that part of the test and has to make it up later in the day)

4. Ensure your child that they are smart, loved and accomplished regardless of a test score. Let them know that no one will be mad or disappointed in them if they miss a question or don't know an answer.

5. Let your child have a little fun after a day of testing. Let them have some extra time outside or maybe celebrate the end of testing with a family movie night at home or a special dinner of their favorite foods.

Cold and Flu Season is Coming!

The Specialists (Art, Music, PE, Math Lab and Stem Lab) are in need of disinfectant spray for their classrooms. They use lots of hands-on manipulatives that are too small to wipe individually with wipes. If you are able to pick up a can of spray the next time you are in a store please label it for the specialists and send it to school in a bag with your child. Thank you in advance for helping us keep our students healthy this season.

As cold and flu season approaches please remind your child(ren) to wash their hands often with soap and water and to use tissues as needed. Talk to them about coughing and sneezing into their elbow so they do not cover their hands in germs. Attendance is very important and we want all students to come to school if they are feeling well, but if your child has a fever please keep them at home so they do not spread their illnesses to other students.

Our fall box top collection contest begins on Monday, September 28th and runs through Friday, October 2nd. These box tops can be found on lots of popular food and paper products that you regularly purchase for your family. Students bring them in and we do a grade level contest. Please send your box tops in with your child the week after fall break.

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    Are you looking for a great way to get involved in your child’s school? 

    The Kincaid library has a place for you! Our shifts are 8:15 to 11:15 or 11:15 – 2:00 every other week, so only 2 times a month.  Your duties would include checking in and out children’s books, shelving books, and basic library tasks. Only fun and enjoyable tasks, nothing difficult! We have lots of opening so please email for more information!

September Attendance Class Results

Parents, as you know attendance is very important to being a good student. That is why we want everyone to come to school every day that you are feeling well. We have looked at the attendance for every classroom at this school and have found a class at each grade level who has the very best attendance.

The classes listed below have attendance that is above and beyond that of the rest of the school. So, for that, they will win something fun to play with outside. We will be delivering a prize to each of the following classrooms.

Kindergarten: Mrs. Lantis' class

First: Mrs. Garner's class

Second: Mrs. Rowan's class

Third: Mrs. Pennell's class and Mrs. Gatlin's class tied

Fourth: Mrs. Joseph's class

Fifth: Mrs. Gillett's class

Congratulations to the winning classes for the month of September. Our numbers will start over and we will announce new classes at the end of October. Remember that if you need to make a doctor or dentist appointment that you should try to do it early in the morning so your child can be at school before 11 a.m. or late in the afternoon so your child can stay at school until after 11 a.m.