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Candace Wilkes, Principal

Assistant Principals: Dianne Vance, Mary Jo Dukes & Susan DeBardeleben

CRCT April 23 - April 29

The CRCT is rapidly approaching and we need our parents to help students get ready. Here are just a few tips:
1. Study every night.
2. Get a good night’s rest.
3. Eat a good breakfast.
4. Be on time to school (testing will begin promptly @ 9:15 daily).

Finally, it is our expectation that students are in attendance every day, focused, and prepared to do their best.

Testing Schedule
April 23 – Reading
April 24 – ELA
April 25 – Math
April 28 – Science
April 29 – Social Studies

Our goals is that each student finishes strong!

CRCT Online Resources

21st Century Career Day
Lost Mountain Middle School: May 9, 2014

Attention, all moms and dads: many of you have jobs that our middle school students would love to know more about. You may think that your job is not one that would be of interest to middle schoolers, but our students would greatly benefit from real world, real time information about the world of work. They are already trying to match their interests and talents with jobs or professions that fit and will be choosing high school classes based on that knowledge before leaving middle school.

Please consider coming and talking about your job on Career Day, Friday, May 9th, any time between 9:15 am and 4:15 pm. Along with real-life presenters, we want to utilize 21st Century technology for those of you who cannot be here in person. If you cannot be here in person on that date, please think about setting up a Skype session, or something similar; our technology leaders will help with that. Another option might be to video your presentation, perhaps with an i-pad or other technology, for students to watch during
Career Day.

If you are interested in being a part of Career Day on May 9th, or if you have ideas about how to use technology to assist us in providing more presentations on Career Day, please email Karen Glisson, the chair of our Career Day event at
karen.glisson@cobbk12.org . We are excited about giving our students an interesting, informative and motivating day as they begin thinking and planning for their own future.

Sign Up Link

Congratulations Cathy Amos!
Classified Employee of The Year, 2014-2015

Attendance Certificates for Learner’s Permit

Parents: If you have a child turning 15 this summer and plan to take them to get their Learners’ Permit to drive, you will need to request an Attendance Certificate from Lost Mountain BEFORE May 21st. There is a $2.00 processing fee. Your student needs to see Denise Younker, Attendance Clerk, in the front office to make the request. The Attendance Certificate is valid throughout the summer.

Plans for Maximizing Instructional Time Lost to Inclement Weather

Dear Lost Mountain Community,

As a result of the recent inclement weather, our students have lost several days of instruction. Cobb County Schools will NOT be making up the missed snow days by extending the school hours or adding more days to the school calendar.

Lost Mountain’s administrative team and teachers have developed, and are implementing a variety of grade level subject specific strategies to compensate for the missed instructional time. The Cobb County School District trusts that local schools will apply due diligence to make up for any lost instructional time. As always, the Lost Mountain faculty and staff have made a commitment to meet the learning needs of our students.

Please see below to view our tactical plans and strategies which will maximize instruction time for the remainder of the school year.


Candace Wilkes
Lost Mountain Middle School

Day 1                Day 2                 Day 3

"Buzz-In" Door Lock System Takes Effect Thursday, February 6!

The Cobb County School District has added a new security feature to Lost Mountain Middle School that will take effect on Thursday, February 6, 2014.

The new feature is a “buzz- in” door lock system at the main entrance of our school. This feature will keep the main doors locked at all times except 8:15 a.m. – 9:10 a.m. on school days. Outside of that time, all guests will need to “buzz-in”.

The new door security system includes a box located outside of the main entrance equipped with a door bell and a camera. Staff members working in the front office will receive an alert when a guest arrives and rings the bell. The office staff will be able to see and hear the guest, and once the guest indicates the nature of the visit and shows some form of identification, the office staff member will “buzz” the guest into the school.

During the first several days of implementation, we expect that as we learn the system we will need to make some adjustments. We ask that you bear with us as this will be new for our entire community. We are counting on your feedback to help us know how the system is working. Please feel free to contact Lost Mountain at 678-594-8224.

Math Textbook Orders

Parents who wish to order math textbooks may do so by calling McGraw Hill at 1-800-334- 7344. Choose option #2 for placing an order and you will need to give the representative the ISBN number for the book you wish to order.

The ISBN number for the 6th grade edition is-978-0-07-665484-0 Glencoe math course 1 volume 2 (On level) Georgia Edition

The ISBN number for the 6/7th grade edition is-978-0-02-135479-5 Glencoe (math plus) grade 6 volume 2 Georgia Edition

The ISBN number for the 7th grade edition is-978-0-07-665486-4 Glencoe math course 2 volume 2 (On Level) Georgia Edition

The ISBN number for the 7/8th grade edition is-978-0-02-135482-5 Glencoe (math plus) G7 volume 2 math 7-8 Georgia Edition

The ISBN number for the 8th grade edition is-978-0-07-665488-8 Glencoe math course 3 volume 2 (On Level) Georgia Edition

Attendance Info for LMMS Parents:

As the holidays approach and your family is making plans, please remember that a student must be in school at least 50% of the instructional day for him/her to be counted present, per Cobb County policy. For the Lost Mountain schedule, that would mean that a student must be in school from 9:10 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. to be counted present for the day.

For more information regarding attendance, please refer to the student agenda, page 4.

SYNERGY REPLACES PINNACLE: This is the On-line Gradebook/Attendance information portal

The Cobb County School District will soon launch a new portal for students and parents to securely access schedules, grades and attendance information. Beginning August 21, 2013, the Synergy ParentVUE and StudentVUE system will replace the Pinnacle PIV.

Please note: This form must be signed by the ENROLLING PARENT OR HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD(this is the parent that signed the 2013-14 student enrollment form.) The school will verify identity prior to providing activation key letters. Only one activation key letter is
provided per parent or guardian. If you have multiple students in Cobb Schools (different levels [Elem., Middle, High] or other special situations, then this process only needs to take place at one school one time. This will give you access to information regarding all of your children enrolled in Cobb County schools.

More information is coming about when ParentVue Agreement forms will be available.

Attention LMMS 8th graders interested in applying to a high school Magnet Program!

Soon all 8th graders will view a magnet school presentation in class. Later a representative from the Program will come to LMMS to talk with students who are interested.

Attached is a list of Important dates for the Magnet Application Process.

School Day Early Arrival Change

The school day officially begins for a student when he/she arrives on campus. The building will be open at 8:15 a.m. for students who need to arrive early. Students must report directly to and remain in the study hall until the 8:50 bell rings. (Location: M-TH Theater, Friday- Commons) If students arrive early to see a teacher (i.e. detention, make- up work, extra help), they must obtain a pass from their teacher the prior day for their destination. Students may not be in the halls until 8:50 a.m. or be in the building after 4:45 p.m. unless they are directly supervised by a faculty member.

Electronic Devices

All personal electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, iPod’s, PSP’s, etc) must be turned off upon arrival at school and remain off until the school day ends. Students may not display or use any electronic device during the school day unless designated for a learning task by a teacher in their class on a specific day. Any device seen or heard during the school day will be confiscated and turned in to the main office. Repeated violations constitute insubordination resulting in progressive disciplinary consequences. The confiscated item will only be released to the parent or guardian. Parents may pick up electronic devices after 4:15 p.m. on the day the item is collected and any day thereafter
during regular office hours (8:15 – 4:45).

Congratulations to Kelley Keel!
LMMS 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year


Here is how it works:
•LMMS parents, friends, neighbors, even businesses choose Georgia Natural Gas as their natural gas service provider.
•New and existing Georgia Natural Gas customers designate LMMS to receive donations at TrueblueSchools.com.
•Georgia Natural Gas donates $5 a month to Lost Mountain for every customer that selects Lost Mountain.
•LMMS receives a donation check every quarter!
Sign up to support Lost Mountain through the GA Natural Gas True Blue Schools Program at http://trueblueschools.com/lookup.asp

Student Attendance

Please read the attached student attendance policy!

New Student Enrollment

Welcome to the Lost Mountain Middle School community!

Please print the enrollment checklist and call 678-594-8224 for an appointment with our counselors to register your child.

Students under the age of 18 years of age MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when enrolling in school. A student will not be enrolled without all necessary documentation according the Cobb County District Administrative Rule JBC-5.

Lost Mountain has partnered with the Daily Grind to introduce a fantastic new way to show teachers how much we appreciate them. Please encourage a teacher today. Buy them a lunch credit and they will know how much you really appreciate them. They will get a tasty lunch delivered to their school and the program will add $1 to a gift card of their choice. Very Important: Leave a note on their board and make their day (they will get this note emailed to them)!

Visit Teacher's Lunch Box to treat a teacher and learn more about this exciting new community partnership.

School hours 9:10-4:15
Study Hall starts @ 8:15
The Front doors are not unlocked until 8:15 each morning and will be locked at 4:45.

2013-2014 School Council Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2013
January 17, 2014

Skills Tutor Information

What is My Skills Tutor? (link also under Student Resources) - My Skills Tutor is a free online resource for students to use as a one-on-one tutoring resource for concepts taught in classes. It provides lessons in Math, Reading/Language Arts and Science. Your User name is your lunch number. Please see Counselor for password information. Skills Tutor Lab in PC Lab 131 is open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, from 8:15 - 8:50 am

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Save the Date
Rising 6th Grade Parent Night
Tuesday, May 13, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m

Spring Chorus Concert

LMMS Spring Chorus Concert on Monday, May 12th will be off campus for the first time ever!
Our concerts have been at or over our theater's capacity for some time now, so moving off campus will allow all of our choral student's to hear each other perform as well as give us plenty of room in the audience for all of our family and friends! This concert will be
held just down the road at Burnt Hickory Baptist Church, 5145 Due West Road, Powder
Springs, Ga 30127 at 7:00pm. 8th graders must report at 5:30pm for warmup and all
6th/7th graders at 6:00pm.  

2014-15 School Choice
The Cobb County School District is again offering School Choice (HB 251 and SB10)
transfers for the 2014-2015 school year. Applications will be available beginning
February 10, 2014. For more information, please see our 2014-15 School Choice website

Vision 2026
 A Community Conversation About the Future of Your School District and Your Schools

 CCSD Focuses on "Instructional Coaching"
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Counseling Needs
6th Grade Survival Guide

CCSD Overview

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Coffee Talk with the Principal

The 1st Friday of each month at 9:00 a.m.
with the Front Office
Location: Media Conference Room

Volunteer in the Media Center

The Media Center is in need of regularly scheduled committed volunteers for next school year. The media center committee will be chaired by Jill Martin and she can be reached at jdfmartin@comcast.net Duties will be varied and many so please stop by if you are interested.

Coke Rewards for LMMS

We will be participating again this year with the Coke Rewards for Schools. Find out here how you can donate your Coke Points to Lost Mountain!

Understanding Playful vs. Hurtful Teasing and Bullying Behavior

A pamphlet for parents and educators on Teasing and Bullying Behavior can be found at http://www.cobbk12.org/bully/

Car Rider Rainy Weather Notice

Lost Mountain will follow the following dismissal procedure during inclement weather. Car riders will report to the theater. Parents may park and pick up students from the theater. Parents wishing to stay in the car rider line will be directed to the student pick up area after buses have left the school campus.

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