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Welcome to Lost Mountain

Our Vision

Expanding the Pursuit of Excellence

Our Mission

Engage, Encourage, and Educate Learners with Enthusiasm

Eagle Block Begins in January

Lost Mountain Middle School is excited to bring our students the “Eagle Block” that will serve students in remediation, acceleration, clubs, and fun activities. The Eagle Block will start in January and run on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 3rd and 4th period. This gives all students the opportunity to take part in tutoring, make-up tests and school work, clubs, and special interest classes during the school day.

Students will have the opportunity to choose their Eagle Block class from a class catalog designed by our teachers, unless their teacher has assigned a student to a specific tutorial or make-up session. Some examples of classes that may be offered are: Study hall, Book Club, Robotics, Coding, Science Club, Jr. BETA, drawing, and organizational skills. The list will change every week and will allow our students to explore new classes and interests. Students will record the sessions they will attend each week in their agendas.

Students that need to re-test or make up work will be assigned to a teacher that leads that session. We will prioritize days for specific curriculum each week.

ALL students will be present in a session. Students without an agenda, roaming the hallway, or refusing to attend a session will be taken to ISS for the Eagle Block session that day.

Our hope is this block of time will allow the majority of our clubs and activities to be run during the day to limit the amount of time students are required to come early to school. This should allow more access for our students to become part of a group and try new interests.

If your student needs to purchase a new LMMS student agenda, please provide $10 and a written note requesting a new agenda to the bookkeeper, Mrs. Liedberg.

Who let the trout out? Lost Mountain Middle seventh-graders

Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee, there’s more trout, thanks to students from Lost Mountain Middle School.

A group of seventh-grade science students under the direction of their teacher, Heather Holder, raised hundreds of rainbow trout from eggs and watched as they swam away into the river Saturday morning. The fish were in what is called the fingerling stage, where they are about the size of an adult finger.

The program is called Trout in the Classroom, and it’s a partnership with Trout Unlimited, a national nonprofit organization working to conserve, protect and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

Trout Unlimited is active in classrooms across the state and country. In Cobb, they are also in Awtrey Middle School and South Cobb High School, said John Dyke, education committee chair for the group’s Cohutta chapter.

“This is a great thing. The kids can watch these fish come out of the egg stage, morph into a real trout and then grow,” he said. “It’s part of the biology and life cycle and creates a bond with people with fish, fishing, the outdoors.”
Tamia Draper, one Lost Mountain student out by the river Saturday morning, said her experience learning about and caring for the baby fish has gotten her interested in animals, and she’s considering becoming a veterinarian when she grows up. “I always loved how the fish looked and how cool they were, but as soon as I started working with them, I saw how fun it was,” the seventh-grader said.

Alongside caring for the trout, the students learned about water quality, stream habitats and ecosystem connectivity. Tamia said she and her classmates were hands-on with the fish every day.

“Every day, I had to check the water, the pH with the ammonia, and the nitrate and the nitrite — that’s telling how clean the water is — and then we also had to change out the water every day just to make sure they didn’t die,” she said.
As Trout Unlimited volunteer Len Miller poured the trout from a bucket into the mighty Hooch, the students shouted their final goodbyes to the little fingerlings they raised. Tamia said she’s a little sad to see them go, but she knows it’s for the best.

“I kind of got attached because I loved working with them, and it was fun seeing how big they had gotten. … I’m a little sad because I loved working with them, but I’m happy they’re in a bigger pond and they’re not just in that tiny cage,” she said.
Reprinted from mdjonline.com

11th Annual LMMS Giving Tree

Beginning November 13, a tree will be in the front office with various ornaments.  If you would like for your student to choose an ornament to give to others, please complete the form attached and return it to the front office.

School Safety Info. for all CCSD Stakeholders

The Cobb Shield web site, www.cobbshield.com is now up and running: answer your school safety questions, view the video of CCSD’s recent School Safety Town Hall Meeting, download a detailed flyer on CCSD’s many school safety initiatives (attached), and view an AlertPoint informational video.

Access to Student Resources AT HOME

Students click on the link on your teacher's blog for that resource.

And when prompted to login, use:
• SCH\Student ID number and the same computer password used at school, OR
• Click on the link and use Office 365 credentials (available in StudentVue)

Attendance, Tardies, Arrival and Dismissal!

Did you know that research shows there is a direct correlation between school attendance and academic performance? Absence from school is often the greatest single cause of poor performance. Attendance is one indicator for the state scoring model for all schools called the CCRPI (College and Career Readiness Performance Index). For every student who has six (6) or more absences, our score decreases. This includes students who are absent more than ½ a school day. Now, what can you do? Of course, we want your sick child to stay at home in order to get better, but when possible, please try to make appointments to where your child is at school at least ½ of the school day. Let’s work as a team to make LMMS stay #1 in the district.

Please read the attached student policies!

Honor Roll Criteria

All A’s Principal's Honor Roll - A in every class (including Connections)- S in Conduct in every class.

All A’s and B’s Honor Roll - A minimum of 1 A and the rest B’s- S in conduct in every class

Electronic Devices

All personal electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, iPod’s, PSP’s, etc) must be turned off upon arrival at school and remain off until the school day ends. Students may not display or use any electronic device during the school day unless designated for a learning task by a teacher in their class on a specific day. Any device seen or heard during the school day will be confiscated and turned in to the main office. Repeated violations constitute insubordination resulting in progressive disciplinary consequences. The confiscated item will only be released to the parent or guardian. Parents may pick up electronic devices after 4:15 p.m. on the day the item is collected and any day thereafter during regular office hours (8:15 – 4:45).

Lost Mountain has partnered with the Daily Grind to introduce a fantastic new way to show teachers how much we appreciate them. Please encourage a teacher today. Buy them a lunch credit and they will know how much you really appreciate them. They will get a tasty lunch delivered to their school and the program will add $1 to a gift card of their choice. Very Important: Leave a note on their board and make their day (they will get this note emailed to them)!

Visit Teacher's Lunch Box to treat a teacher and learn more about this exciting new community partnership.

School hours 9:10-4:15
Study Hall starts @ 8:15
The Front doors are not unlocked until 8:15 each morning and will be locked at 4:45.

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Bell Schedule

ROBOTICS - Anyone?

We are currently seeking parent volunteer(s) for a Robotic Club. If you have experience or the desire to learn, please email wendy.sultenfuss@cobbk12.org

Parenting in the Digital Age

$40  -    10/01/18 - 12/31/18
$45  -     01/01/19 - 02/28/19
$50  -     03/01/19 - 03/29/19
3/29/19 - Final online order date
$60  -     05/31/19  Distribution Day

Order at: www.yearbookordercenter.com
The school code is 2080.

September - Michelle Thrash
October - Amanda Wilhelm
November - Cara Coe

2018-19 Testing Calendar

Student Digital Access of Middle School Textbooks and Resources


Begin on August 21st in the gym.
Tuesdays- 6th grade
Wednesdays- 7th grade
Thursdays- 8th grade
Students must arrive by 8:20 to attend.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS – This is for you…..

ALL parent volunteers are required to watch this brief video before coming to volunteer at the school. When you come in to sign-in at the front office, please see the front office staff so you can sign the form stating that you have viewed the video.

(Also, as you watch the video, please note that the example used is not reflective of what volunteers do here at Lost Mountain. Confidential information is not accessible to volunteers.)

Substitutes Needed

Visit the CCSD website or go to this link:

Recognize your student’s Birthday!

Support the Lost Mountain Foundation by purchasing a Happy Birthday message for your student on our school marquee! Announcements are $20.00 and run for one full school day. For more information or to order a message, click here.

Legacy Board

Support the Lost Mountain Foundation by purchasing a feather or plaque on the Legacy Board located at the theater entrance. These feathers and plaques will remain forever. For more information or to order a plaque, click here.


All CCSD students (K-12) will have access to the Office 365 digital tools suite unless a parent previously selected the opt-out decision. If a parent wants to confirm student access and/or ascertain their student’s Office 365 username, they can locate this information via ParentVue (https://parentvue.cobbk12.org/)

Help With Office 365


Food & Nutrition Information

Cobb County Food & Nutrition Services would like to announce that the application for free or reduced meals is available online for the 2018-2019 school year. The online application is available at http://mealapps.cobbk12.org

Bus Information

If you need to locate your child’s bus you may access the online search at www.cobbk12.org
Select “Parents” and then select “Bus Routes.”

LMMS Alumni Success



US Equestrian Athlete Lettering Program - Emma Bayer

Agenda Book and Restroom Procedures

Bullying and Harassment Investigation and Complaint Form

Car Rider Rainy Weather Notice

Lost Mountain will follow the following dismissal procedure during inclement weather.
Car riders will report to the theater at dismissal.
Remain in your vehicle and after the buses have left campus, you may pick them up in the regular car rider area in the front of the building.
If you need your child immediately you may park your car and enter at the lower theater door to pick up your child and exit out the theater lobby. 


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