Vision:  Engaged in Learning, Leading in Excellence
Mission:  Challenging our leaders to think creatively

WIGS (Wildly Important Goals) and the Pickett's Mill Compact: click HERE

Leaders of the Week
leaders of the week

Starting Tuesday, September 23, Pickett’s Mill Elementary School will sponsor its
1st Annual “Pirate Pacers”
Running Club
The running club will meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 until 3:15 (directly after school) for 9 consecutive weeks this fall 2014- from September 23 until November 20. Click here for more info.

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Shop Shutterfly, Earn $ for our School
When you visit Shutterfly from the link on the right hand side of this page and place an order, our school receives 13% of your purchase!

New Pickett's Mill Pirate Logo

We have such talented students! We had two of our students design our new pirate logos. Hannah W. drew us "Skalawag Jack" and Hazel K. came up with "Treasure".  Great job!

Temporary Road Closure on Old Stilesboro
Click here for more info.

Want to recognize your child's teacher with a kind note and a special lunch delivered to the school?
Please visit
Teacher's Lunch Box
where you can see a variety of healthy and tasty lunches available to make a teacher's day!  Would be a great way to celebrate their birthday!


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The Leader in Me


Congratulations to:

Lori Loconte, Teacher
of the

Callie Murray
Sylvia Saleeby,
of the

Cheryl Brown