Vision:  Engaged in Learning, Leading in Excellence
Mission:  Challenging our leaders to think creatively

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Spring Box Top Contest

Which grade has the most spirit at the Mill? Submit your box tops for the Spring Box Top Contest January 26th – 30st to see who wins!  This is a GREAT way for us to get FREE MONEY for our school. Contest details and collection sheets are now available. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please e-mail us at:

Reindeer Dash

Thanks to all our students who donated money for our reindeer dash.  All funds donated went to our Foundation which provides resources directly back to our school.

2015-16 School Choice

The Cobb County School District is again offering School Choice (HB 251 and SB10) transfers for the 2015-2016 school year.  Individual school capacity information and applications will be available beginning February 1, 2015 on the District website.  For more information, please see our 2015-16 School Choice webpage.

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Want to recognize your child's teacher with a kind note and a special lunch delivered to the school?
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Teacher's Lunch Box
where you can see a variety of healthy and tasty lunches available to make a teacher's day!  Would be a great way to celebrate their birthday!

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