Vision:  Engaged in Learning, Leading in Excellence
Mission:  Challenging our leaders to think creatively

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Leaders of the Week

Cruisn' Through the 7 Habits Pirate Style
Leadership Night
Thursday, April 2

Please join us to celebrate the many leadership roles of our students including special performances by 2nd and 3rd grade plus our 4th and 5th grade Leaderhip Fair!

Spring Fling
April 24 5:30pm -8:30pm

Allatoona High School

Come join us for a fun-filled family event with inflatables, games, entertainment and more!  Please click on the PTA page for more information and to sign up to volunteer.

Be Proactive! Buy your school supply pack for next year

Deadline is June 7th.  Click HERE to go to the Foundation website and get more information.

Our 4th Graders are Stars

Come see our 4th graders perform at the Big Shanty Festival on April 18th at 10:30 on the City Hall Stage! 4th grade students should arrive at 10:00.

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Want to recognize your child's teacher with a kind note and a special lunch delivered to the school?
Please visit
Teacher's Lunch Box
where you can see a variety of healthy and tasty lunches available to make a teacher's day!  Would be a great way to celebrate their birthday!

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The Leader in Me


Congratulations to:

Lori Loconte, Teacher
of the

Callie Murray
Sylvia Saleeby,
of the

Cheryl Brown