Dowell Foundation


1673456693187.pngPurpose:  The Dowell Foundation will fundraise to provide financial support for resources and initiatives that benefit the students and staff at Dowell Elementary.

Donations:  To make a donation that will directly benefit the Dowell Elementary School Foundation at this time please contact board member, Chad Itnyre.

You can also go directly to the Cobb Schools Foundation Website by clicking here cobbschoolsfoundation.org > click on the Local School Fundraising tab at the top-left of the webpage > Select Support Local School from the drop-down menu > Select Dowell Elementary School from the list of Local School Advisory Boards > The donation page will appear.

IMPORTANT!  If you do not follow these steps to donate, your donation will go to the Cobb Schools Foundation and will not benefit Dowell.


Board Members: 

Aaron Turner, President

Alba Gutierrez, Secretary

George Whitman, Treasurer

Chad Itnyre, Staff Member

Christine Dinizio, Principal