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Food and Nutrition Services Department

Cynthia Downs
Executive Director

"Linking Nutrition to Lifelong Learning"

The Cobb County School District, Department of Food & Nutrition Services (FNS) is a trailblazer for school food service programs throughout Georgia and the Southeast.

2016-2017 School Year Breakfast & Lunch Meal Prices

Breakfast Meal Prices

Lunch Meal Prices

We look forward to seeing you in the 2016-2017 School Year!!!

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Congratulations! To Green Acres Elementary Cafeteria Manager Mamie Brannon (pictured top right), and Russell Elementary Cafeteria Manager Paula Honea (pictured in the bottom right photo, on the far left) for receiving the City of Smyrna’s Mayor’s Education Award in the Staff category at Green Acres Elementary and Russell Elementary!
City of Smyrna's Mayor's Award Winner
The City of Smyrna created these awards to honor a Student, a Staff member, and a Volunteer from each Smyrna city school every semester for academic excellence and dedication to quality for our students.

CCSD students participated in a district wide Try Day of Fiesta Ranch Chicken Burrito Bowl. Join us on May 5th for an encore appearance of this delicious dish.

Food Service Assistant
Burrito Bowl

The Cobb chapter of the Georgia School Nutrition Association, President Heather Broadaway, received the Silver Scroll Award for Outstanding Achievement for the school year 2015-2016!

GSNA Scroll Award

The Scroll is divided into the five pillars that represent the major focus areas of the School Nutrition Association – Education and Professional Development, Public Image, Advocacy, Community and Membership. Each pillar has a list of activities that focus on the work conducted by each chapter.