Principal Advisory Council


A council functions as an advisory body, offering input to the local school principal.

  • Purpose of the PAC
    • The District believes family and community engagement is critical to student and district success. The establishment of Principal Advisory Councils is intended to provide a means by which parents, community members, and school staff can work together to create a better understanding of and mutual respect for each other’s concerns and share ideas for school improvement.
  • Member names for the current school year
    • Dr. Patrice Moore – Principal 
    • Michelle Kuykendall – ALP Teacher
    • Ellen Adams – Media Specialist
    • Jenna Abel – Parent 
    • Meghan Black- PTSA President/Parent
    • Alyson Clark – Parent 
    • Brenda Rich – Community Representative 
  • Meeting dates for the current school year
    • 11/3
    • 1/8
    • 3/11
    • 4/15