6th Grade Team


Teachers and administrators are in the classroom or working with students for most of the day. In some circumstances, it may take up to 24 hours for them to reply to your e-mail or phone message. Messages left on Friday may not be returned until Monday. Thank you.

6th Grade Language Arts
Natalie Darbey
Annette Foreman
Olivia White
6th Grade Math
Terri Bunch
Terese Forbes
Xavier Glenn
Tiffani Robinson
6th Grade Science
Barry Floyd
Briana Holmes
Trinna Johnson
Jennifer Leeser
6th Grade Individuals & Society
Danielle Laney
Phillip Lafferty
Karla Steele
Itzary Franco (DLI)
6th Grade Support Team
Maria Osakwe - ELA
Carol Berger - I&S
Robert Purchase - Science
Monique Cable - ESOL
Kiersten Martin - ESOL
Xavier Glenn - Math