Cobb Schools Poetry Slam Inspires Students to Write

Cobb students participate in the District's 3rd annual Poetry Slam.

Young voices rose off the pages like melodies, painting vibrant pictures with words, during the Cobb County School District's 3rd Annual Poetry Slam. They recently celebrated the young students' creativity, imagination, and the power of expression. Cobb%20Schools%20Poetry%20Slam%202024-3.jpg

Imagine stepping into a world—or school—where objects and places come to life, where words dance along with their writers. This year, Cobb Elementary students explored the art of persona poetry, breathing life into what they had learned. The students themselves brought their words to life. 

More than 100 fourth and fifth-grade students from across the District gathered at Osborne High School to present an evening of poetic expression. The event was the culmination of the Poetry-writing Artist Residency with poet Lester Laminack, during which 34 Cobb teachers nurtured their students' creativity and introduced them to persona poetry. Student poets sprang up from Brumby Elementary School, Clarkdale Elementary School, Compton Elementary School, Dowell Cobb%20Schools%20Poetry%20Slam%202024-2.jpgElementary School, Ford Elementary School, LaBelle Elementary School, Mableton Elementary School, Norton Park Elementary School, Powder Springs Elementary School, and Still Elementary School

Students worked to write, rehearse, and perform their poetry in their homeschools. Their teachers then selected students to participate in the District's Poetry Slam. 

As part of an immersive workshop at Osborne, the selected students refined their performances and embraced the artistry of the spoken word. They explored skills related to poetry, performance, and the arts. The students then treated the audience to a showcase of poetic talent. 

Families and teachers gathered to witness the magic unfold—the magic Cobb teachers see happen every day in 112 schools with 106,000+ students.