Nat’l Jr. Beta Club Information

Nat'l Jr. Beta Club Invitees Meeting

We are excited to announce the return of our National Beta Club for the 2021-2022 school year. Our Beta Club is sponsored by the following staff: 

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Phyllis Hubbard Email

Honoray Ard Email

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Kim Gray Email

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Upcoming Beta Club Meetings:

On Thursday, May 12th  we will celebrated the induction of the 65 scholars listed below into the National Beta Club. 

Link for beta club induction photos


  1. Cervantes, Jocelyn
  2. Coleman, Amaya
  3. Collins, Jacob
  4. Cortez, Genesis
  5. Cotton, Mariya
  6. Davis, Imane
  7. Docteur, Keila
  8. Eneasator, Treasure
  9. Francis, Justice
  10. Harshaw, Sophie
  11. Hernandez-Barraza, Fabiola
  12. Holder, Jonae'
  13. Lane, Nydea
  14. Malagon, Jairo
  15. Medina-Clementine, Johan
  16. Menendez, Elizabeth
  17. Osio-Acevedo, Chelsea
  18. Requarth, John
  19. Salazar Castillo, Maria
  20. Sow, Khadija
  21. Spencer, Samiya
  22. Thompson, Amaya
  23. Welch, Sarai
  24. Abdullah, Najee
  25. Arroyo, Melody
  26. Canales Cordova, Marvin
  27. Chavannes, Lise
  28. Gorman, Cedric
  29. Gray, Giuliana
  30. Hardman, Olympia
  31. Hibbler, Jahdi'yah
  32. Holder, Jermaine
  33. Hughes, Christian
  34. Jardon, Andrew
  35. Jimenez, Santiago
  36. Marquina, Matthew
  37. Matzir Estrada, Abril
  38. Medina Robles, Henry
  39. Ochoa, Jimena
  40. Pierce, Kendra
  41. Pullins, Zoe
  42. Quijada, Ever
  43. Ramirez-Nunez, Fatima
  44. Rios, Lizbeth
  45. Solis, Arzy
  46. Stubbs, Jordan
  47. Sweat, Nicolette
  48. Tabeh, Marylin
  49. Westbrook, Akeem
  50. Westbrook, Amari
  51. Arreola Aguilera, Erika
  52. Basdeo, Dipanvita
  53. Castrejon Salgado, Cesar
  54. Glass, Janiyah
  55. Gordon, James
  56. Gray, Sofia
  57. Lamm, Megan
  58. Lee, Arielle
  59. Macedo Guzman, Jissel
  60. Mendoza, Benjamin
  61. Newsom, Kamarii
  62. Powell, Gabriella
  63. Silvestre Garzon, Rodrigo
  64. Vicente Mendoza, Christian
  65. Woody, Lillian

4/21/22- meeting after school beginning at 4:30pm and ending by 6pm

Induction ceremony is May 12, 2022 at 6pm at FMS theater.

Service Project: 

Across the remainder of this school year (5 weeks), our scholars will collect hygiene products including: deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, feminine products, tissue, and baby products including diapers, wipers, rash cream, baby lotion, baby soap. These donations will support Floyd's own food/resource pantry, which is sponsored by Must Ministry. Donation stations will be located by Professor Ard's room (206), Mr. Hammonds' room (317), and in the front office starting on Tuesday (5/19/22).  


 The first pillar of Beta is Achievement. Achievement, clearly defined, is a result gained by effort. By being invited to become a Beta member, we’ve already made a great achievement, but it shouldn’t stop now. Maintaining one’s membership requires dedication and a focus on daily accomplishments. Betas are encouraged to stay motivated, be willing to contribute and follow through to maintain success within this pillar. Challenge yourself, Betas: set goals, overcome obstacles, continually improve, and do your best both academically and beyond.


 The second pillar of Beta is Character. When Beta’s founder, Dr. John W. Harris founded National Beta in 1934, he set out to create an organization that helped students learn to make a life for themselves. He knew that an individual of worthy and moral character, who understood charity, cooperation, honesty, responsibility and humility would be able to move forward in life with the skills needed to work with others and give back to their community. By emphasizing character as one of the four pillars we are being prepared for life and empowered to be successful.


 The third pillar of Beta is Leadership. Our generation will one day become the leaders of tomorrow. We’ll need to learn how to properly translate vision into reality, to guide our fellow peers in the right direction through effective planning, decision making, communication and teamwork. But above all, we’ll need patience and a willingness to lead by example. By becoming a Beta, we’re already embarking on a path to learn these skills. Once gained, we’ll be in a unique position to make a difference in our school, community, state and beyond.


 The fourth and final pillar of Beta is Service. Service and leadership are closely tied for Beta members through the demonstration of our motto “Let Us Lead By Serving Others”. John W. Harris believed that it was not only our duty but a privilege to serve our community. Through service you’ll begin to think of others before yourself. Betas, I encourage you to make a habit of recognizing a need, big or small, in our school and community then share it with your fellow members. Together, we’ll work to address the issue and make an impact.