Front Office

Front office.jpg

Pictured from left to right: Darlene Coplin, Alexandria Storey, Tanecia Isom-Vance, Jennifer Martinez, Janelle Koziara

Darlene Coplin, ASP Director - Email

Tanecia Isom-Vance, Secretary - Email

Janelle Koziara, School Nurse - Email

Jennifer Martinez- CSIS Clerk - Email

Alexandria Storey, Bookkeeper - Email

Academic Support

ALP, Reading, ELL.jpgPictured from left to right: Michele Dunn, Dr. Valerie King, Heather Kennemore, Exie Palfrey


Pictured from left to right: Danielle Hammel, Jenna Wilborn, and Payten Baerwalde

Payten Baerwalde, SLP - Email

Taylor Edwards, Social Worker - Email

Michele Dunn, ALP, EIP Support Email

Danielle Hammel, SLP- Email

Dr. Valerie King, ALP- Email | Blog

Heather Kennemore, Reading Support - Email

Exie Palfrey, ESOL - Email | Blog

Jenna Wilborn, SLP- Email


Counselors.JPGPictured from left to right: Jeni Noris, Bridget Waite

Jeni Noris, Counselor - Email

Bridget Waite, Counselor - Email

Interrelated Specialists

IRR Team 2022.jpgPictured from left to right: Lisa Alley, Kristina Barrett, Chelsea Yaun, Sara Wilcox, Courtney Petit-Compere, Emily Dunn, Rosemary Madden

Kristina Barrett, IRR -Email

Courtney Petit-Compere, IRR - Email

Emily Dunn, IRR - Email

Rosemary Madden, IRR - Email

Sara Wilcox, IRR - Email

Chelsea Yaun, IRR - Email


AU Program

AU c2023 2024.JPGTop Row Pictured from left to right: Joan Lunsford, Kelly Alfieri, Janet Forbes, Tricia Smith, Cheryl Dean
Bottom Row Pictured left to right: Kristen Moss, Allyson Dobbs, McKenzie LeNoir

Kelly Alfieri, AU Email

McKenzie LeNoir, AU Email

Joan Lunsford, AU Email

Tricia Smith, AU Email


Lisa Alley, Rigdon

Kerry Roderick-Bush, Brisbane

Lisa Carmean, Wilcox

Lara Clark, Bennett

Cam Daniel, Media

Cheryl Dean, Lunsford

Allyson Dobbs, Alfieri

Anne Edge, Bailey-Carter

Janet Forbes, Smith

Cynthia Giles, Anderson

Suzanne Brower, Weaver

Erin Meyer, Houze

Kristin Moss, Lunsford

Alaina Price, Hoover

Melissa Riddick, Tate

Nina Gulette,  PE

Jodi Townsend, Vertel

Ashley Weaver, Specialists

Cindy Woodbury, Millwood


Food Services

Cafe Staff.JPGPictured from left to right: Cheryle Finch, Sherri Banks, Tammy Dishmon, Nilia Restro, Arige Atalla

Tammy Dishmon, Manager - Email

Arige Atalla

Sherri Banks

Cheryl Finch

Nilia Restro

Cafe Monitors

Lacleashia Gregory

Katherine Naranjo

Marie Smith


Richard Redmond, Head - Email

Hannah Ashe

Marie Pierre

Lavie St. Fleur



Front row pictured from left to right: Ni'Ger Brisbane, Sue Weaver, Shari Tate, Melissa Riddick, Annie Millwood, Suzanne Brower
Back row pictured from left to right: Cindy Woodbury, Courtney Petit-Compere, Lisa Carmean, Kerry Roderick-Bush, Jennifer Houze, Helen Wilcox, Jodi Townsend, Valerie Bertel, Alyssa Hoover, Marian Anderson, Cynthia Giles, Alaina Price, Erin Meyer

Marian Anderson - Email

Valerie Bertel - Email

Ni'Ger Brisbane - Email

Annie Millwood - Email

Alyssa Hoover - Email

Jennifer Houze - Email

Shari Tate - Email

Sue Weaver - Email

Helen Wilcox - Email

First Grade

First Grade.jpg

Front row pictured left to right: Angie Furr, Donna Grecko, Emily Dunn, Shawna Harris, Temi Dubre and April Hansen

Back row pictured left to right: Andrea Fenstermaker, Kelly Williams, Emily Underwood, Sandra Riedesel

Temi Dubre - Email

Andrea Fenstermaker - Email

Angie Furr - Email

Donna Grecko - Email

April Hansen - Email

Shawna Harris - Email

Sandra Riedesel- Email

Emily Underwood - Email

Kelly Williams - Email

Second Grade

Second Grade Team2022.JPG

Pictured from left to right, front row: Crispina Bruce, Cathy Perry, Katherine Lewis, Sara Wilcox, Nicole Smith
Pictured from left to right back row: Lisa Alley, Shannon Albright, Angela Sisk, Letilia Forde, Kristina Barrett, Kacee Zimmerman, Brittany Rigdon

Shannon Albright - Email

Crispina Bruce - Email

Letilia Forde - Email

Katherine Lewis - Email

Cathy Perry - Email

Brittany Rigdon - Email

Angela Sisk - Email

Nicole Smith - Email

Sarah Will - Email

Kacee Zimmerman- Email


Special Needs Preschool


Front row pictured left to right Lara Clark and Anne Edge
Back row pictured left to right: Cristine Bennett and Dawn Baily-Carter

Dawn Bailey-Carter - Email

Cristine Bennett - Email

County Specialists

Melissa Best, OT - Email

Joy Gaines, TTIS - Email

Donna Reyes, Systems Engineer - Email

Tara Segassie, Psychologist - Email

Taylor Edwards, Social Worker - Email



Specialists (1).jpg

Pictured front row from left to right: Christina Jones, Ashley Weaver, Catherine White, Nina Gullate
Pictured back row from left to right: Cam Daniel, Cherrie Mooney, Beth Finnegan, Emily Adams

Emily Adams, PE - Email

Beth Finnegan, Media Specialist - Email

Christina Jones, Art - Email

Cherrie Mooney, Innovative Reading and Technology Lab - Email

Catherine White, Music - Email



ASP Director 2022 2023.JPGPictured from left to right: Darlene Coplin, Tanecia Isom-Vance

Darlene Coplin, Director - Email

Karen Scarborough, Reach for the Stars Director - Email

Reach for the Stars Website