Title I


Title 1 State of School Addresses - 2022-23

State of the School Address - September 1, 2023

School Improvement Plan & Title I Budget 2021-22

Sedalia Park Elementary School Action Plan 2021-22

Sedalia Park Elementary School Comprehensive Needs Assessment 2021-22

Sedalia Park Elementary School FY22 Title I Budget

Family Information Guide 2021-22

     Parent Right to Know Professional Qualifications for Teachers and Paraprofessionals is located in the Family Information Guide (see p. 10) 

The Family Information Guide (English/Spanish) contains a wealth of information about the district including the Student Code of Conduct, as well as information about privacy rights, important dates, and more.  

FY22 HB-251 Intra-District Transfer

HB 251 allows for school choice transfers. Parents/guardians of a student enrolled in a District school may apply for a School Choice Transfer in order to pursue a transfer to another District school. School. The application procedures, forms and dates will be posted on the District’s Website during the second semester each year.

School Parent and Family Engagement Policies 2021-2022

Sedalia Park Parent Involvement Policy 2021-22 | English

Sedalia Park Parent Involvement Policy 2021-22 | Spanish

Sedalia Park Parent Involvement Policy 2021-22 | Portuguese

School Parent and Family Compacts 2021-2022

GradeLinkLanguage Options
KSedalia Park Parent Compact - Kindergarten

Spanish     Portuguese

1Sedalia Park Parent Compact - 1st Grade

Spanish     Portuguese

2Sedalia Park Parent Compact - 2nd Grade    

Spanish     Portuguese

3Sedalia Park Parent Compact - 3rd Grade    Spanish     Portuguese
4Sedalia Park Parent Compact - 4th Grade    Spanish     Portuguese
5Sedalia Park Parent Compact - 5th Grade    Spanish     Portuguese

Sedalia Park Title I Parent Meetings 2021-22

Click on the meeting title to view the recorded session and access resources.

Contact Information

If you need assistance with any of the above, please come by my office, call or email any questions or concerns. My office number is 770-509-5162 ext. 053. My email address is Ximena.Tapia-Gonzalez@cobbk12.org.

CCSD Title I Department

District Family and Community Engagement Policy 2021-2022  click here.

Sedalia Park Elementary School Mission

Every Student. Every Day.

Sedalia Park Elementary School Vision

Cultivating life-long learners through engaging experiences.