Dress Code


Daily Dress Requirements for ALL Students

  1. All shirts longer than 6 inches from the waist are to be tucked in.
  2. Pants need to be secured at the waist, no baggy pants.
  3. Shorts and skirts are to be no shorter than 2" above the knee. 
  4. No tank tops, spaghetti straps, crop tops, midriff shirts, or tube tops.
  5. No clothing with offensive phrases, designs, markings, or profanities.
  6. Nothing is to be worn on the head except in the case of religious observance.
  7. Shoes shall be worn. Tennis shoes are encouraged. No high heels, flip flops, platform shoes, cleats or turfs. 

The Uniform Dress Code is required of all students at Sedalia Park.  Families experiencing financial hardship may privately seek assistance by contacting the front office to participate in the Uniform Dress Code. 

Uniform bottoms: Navy or khaki shorts, pants, skirts, jumpers or dresses. Blue jeans are permitted on Fridays.  Socks, tights and leggings should be solid black, navy, white or gray.

Uniform Shirts: Solid white, navy, hunter green, light blue, or yellow polo-style shirts or button down, peter pan style, turtle neck or mock turtleneck shirts.  Sweatshirts, jackets, or blazers worn during the day in the school building must be solid white, navy or gray and can bear the Sedalia Park logo or not.

Thank you for reading and understanding the Uniform Policy. If you have questions, please contact the front office and we will assist you.