Welcome to all the new and returning students!

My name is Kimberly Ward-Hall, and I am the school nurse at Sedalia Park Elementary School. I would like to make you aware of our School Health Services webpage. The page can also be accessed by visiting www.cobbk12.org under the “Parents & Students” tab, then “Resources”, then to “School Health Services.”  This webpage is a great place to get acquainted with Cobb County School District policies, required paperwork, and general health information.  

If any of your students have chronic health issues (i.e., asthma, food or other serious allergies, seizures, diabetes, or other conditions), please call, email, or stop by the clinic so the appropriate information can be provided and forms completed. 

Once the appropriate form is completed, elementary school students may carry cough drops and throat lozenges. Certain medications (prescription and over the counter) may be administered at school by the school nurse if needed. The medication must always be in the original container with prescription label attached (if applicable). Medication must be age-appropriate and brought to the clinic by the parent/guardian - not the student. Appropriate forms must be completed per district policy. Many forms can be found at the above website or in the school clinic. 

Please Note: At school we try to meet the immediate medical needs of your child and then allow you, the parent, to decide the next course of action. When symptoms continue or you have questions concerning your child’s condition, we urge you to consult with your child’s doctor.

Nurse Kim is available in the school clinic 7:30am-2:30pm.  You can reach her at Kimberly.ward-hall@cobbk12.org or call the clinic at 770-509-5162.

How do I know if my child should stay home from school due to illness?

Families need to follow Cobb County School guidelines.  For an easy reference, click here.  

Please do not hesitate to contact Nurse Kim at Kimberly.ward-hall@cobbk12.org or call the clinic at 770-509-5162 if you have questions. I look forward to having a happy, healthy year at Sedalia Park. Go Panthers!!

Kimberly Ward-Hall, RN, MSN

School Nurse

Sedalia Park Elementary School

Cobb county School District