Meet the School Counselors

Sherise Harris 

Mrs. Harris is the grade level counselor for grades K-2-4. She has been a school counselor for 21 years at various schools in Cobb County. Prior to being a school counselor, Mrs. Harris was a special education teacher and also worked for the Department of Family and Children Services.

Corinna Oliver

Mrs. Oliver is the grade level counselor for grades 1-3-5.  She has been a school counselor in Cobb Schools for 26 years.  Prior to being a school counselor Mrs. Oliver worked in Higher Education.  

Teasley Elementary School Counseling Program


The VISION of the school counseling program at Teasley Elementary School is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that will assist all students to always be their best by supporting their academic, career, and personal and interpersonal development.


The MISSION of the school counseling program at Teasley Elementary is to develop and empower students who are prepared for a global world.

Our Vision is based on the beliefs that:

•             All students can learn

•             All students have dignity and worth

•             All students should be treated with respect

•             All students should have a safe learning environment

•             All students have access to the school counseling program

•             All students’ ethnic, cultural, racial, and developmentally differences and special needs are respected

School Counseling Services

Counseling Core Curriculum Classroom Lessons: The counselors visit each classroom multiple times throughout the school year and have the opportunity to interact with every student during these lessons.  Lessons focus on academic support skills, interpersonal/personal skills and career readiness.

Individual Counseling: Some students can benefit from one-on-one counseling regarding academic, personal or interpersonal challenges. Please note that individual counseling is not therapy.  It is beyond the role of the school counselor to conduct in-depth, on-going individual sessions. Community counseling resources can be provided by the counselors.   Teachers, parents or students may request to see a counselor.

Group Counseling: A variety of small groups are offered to students who may benefit from spending some extra time developing academic, personal, or interpersonal skills. Groups can have anywhere from 3-6 members and typically meet for about 6 sessions.  

Parents can email us if they believe their child would benefit from meeting with a counselor.

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