After School Program



Welcome to the Teasley Elementary After School Program

The After School Program (ASP) provides a safe, fun, and nurturing environment for the care of elementary students in the Cobb County School District who attend Face-to-Face instruction from after school until 6:00 PM each day school is in session, including early release days. The program does not operate on Student Holidays or District holidays. ASP will be closed upon the District’s announcement of inclement weather. ASP is a self-supporting program and receives no support from taxpayer funds.

ASP Highlights:

  • $20 Annual Non-Refundable Registration Fee
  • Attendance Fee Invoiced Weekly:  $10 Per Day, Per Child 
  • Register, pay for, and manage accounts on any device
  • View and print invoices, receipts, and annual tax statements
  • Pay for programs using secure and convenient digital payment methods


After School Programs at the Cobb County School District have partnered with Eleyo to provide easy-to-use, mobile-friendly technology for online registration, account management, and payments. Online payments made with credit card and ACH/electronic check will be subject to a 4.75% processing/program fee. Cash or check payments may be made directly to your school’s program with no processing/program fee. Please see your school’s ASP Director for more details. 


ASP enrollment in Eleyo must be completed before the student can attend ASP.

To enroll your elementary school aged student in ASP, the Enrolling Adult will need to register for an Eleyo account and submit a contract for each student.  The Enrolling Adult, as defined by Cobb County School District Policy, is the parent/guardian with whom the student resides and who enrolled the student in school.

NOTE: Contracts submitted by anyone other than the Enrolling Adult will not be accepted.

You must Register Here through Eleyo


Additional Information:

Click here for Printable Parent Guides to help with Eleyo Account Management 

Click here for After School Program Terms and Conditions 

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about ASP and Eleyo


For Questions about the After School Program, please contact:

Tiffany Lathem , Director,  Tiffany.Lathem@cobbk12.org

ASP Phone Number 770-437-5945 x024

Pertinent Information

  • A student who is marked absent during the instructional day will not be permitted into the ASP program. 
  • All payments are due upon receipt of statement. Statements are sent via the email on file at the beginning of each week. Payments are considered late the next day and can jeopardize your child’s ASP enrollment. 
  • Contract approval can take up to 48 hours to be reviewed. Paper registrations or handwritten notes will not be accepted in leu of an Eleyo contract. 
  • Only parties listed under Authorized Pickups (not Emergency Contacts) with valid ID will be allowed to pick-up from ASP. 

Materials, Devices, and Technology

  • Cellphones are NOT PERMITTED by students. 
  • Movies will be shown during ASP.  
  • Materials will not be shared at any time. 
  • Equipment, computers, manipulatives and board games will be used during ASP. 
  • Students can and are encouraged to bring personal books to read. 

Health and Safety Protocols

  • Students who are deemed to be sick will not be permitted into ASP. 
  • Students will either wash their hands or sanitize upon entry into the classroom, and for snack. 
  • Water fountains are available for student's use. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottle with them to ASP each day. 
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available in the school. 
  • No extra clothing will be available for accidents. 
  • Students who become ill during ASP will follow the same protocol of the school and will have to be picked up immediately. The student’s information will be sent to the school’s nurse for follow-up the next day. 
  • If your child becomes ill during ASP, they may not return to school the next day. 

Behavior and Dismissal from the Program

  • Students can be withdrawn from the program for misconduct, including but not limited to physical altercations, theft, and disrespect of staff. After three (3) write-ups or three (3) late pickups a student can be withdrawn from the program. 
  • Delinquent accounts will result in removal from the program. 

Be sure to review the ASP contract for more details!