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Community Service Hours Submission

SERVICE HOUR GUIDELINES FOR THE 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR HAVE BEEN UPDATED.  PLEASE READ THE GUIDELINES BELOW!  Volunteer service hours submitted for graduation service cord recognition must follow the guidelines.

Community Service is NOT a requirement at Walton High School but is strongly encouraged.

Students should use x2Vol to track and verify their service hours.  Verified hours will be reviewed for eligibility for service cord recognition at graduation.  Students with 180 or more “approved” hours will be eligible to receive a volunteer service recognition cord to wear at graduation.  Only those hours meeting the service cord eligibility requirements outlined below will be approved.

2019-2020 Service Cord Recognition – Eligibility Requirements:

  • Volunteer service hours must be recorded in the school year in which they are performed. Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors may record volunteer service hours in x2Vol for service hours completed from May 25, 2019 though the deadline in spring, 2020. Freshmen may submit hours from the first day of school, August 1, 2019 through the spring deadline.
  •  The 2019-2020 deadlines fo­r submitting service hours are as follows:
  •  Seniors must submit hours by Friday, April 17, 2020.
  •  Freshman, Sophomores & Juniors must submit hours by Friday, May 15, 2020.
  •  All service hours must be recorded in x2Vol.
  •  Hours must be verified by an adult (NOT A RELATIVE or a STUDENT). Include the verifier’s personal or business email address. Do not use a club or organization email for verification.
  •  Include the name of the individual or organization for which you are volunteering (include a brief description of the organization if it is not clear by the name), a brief summary of the type of service activities you performed, and the date or date range of the service activities. If submitting hours for an extended period of time, be sure to include a date range of service.
  •  Service hours must meet the general guidelines for community service as listed below.

Community Service Guidelines:

Service is defined as any work a student performs which benefits the community (school, community, and/or religion) for which there is not compensation.

  • Time spent on service projects which are sponsored by a Walton club, organization, or team that benefit the school or community.
  • Time spent on service projects for any agency, non-profit group, hospital, church (or other religious organization), student organization, civic group, or community organization, etc. (where the community benefits).
  • Time you spend planning or organizing a service event.
  • Meeting that you attend in order to plan or organize a service event, learn about service opportunities, or learn community leadership skills that are outside the normal monthly meeting of the club or organization.
  • Mission or work trips with your church or a community group (not including travel time).
  • Time that you spend planning for drives and fund-raising activities for charities such as the United Way, American Cancer Society, etc.
  • Time that you spend helping an elderly neighbor or babysitting for a young family, if you don’t get paid in ANY WAY (Relatives don’t count!).
  • Service for which you receive course credit, such as internships or class assignments, unless you work more hours than required.
  • Time spent shadowing a professional in which you are just observing (you may count the time you spend engaged in an activity which helps the professional).
  • Participation in a school event or activity, such as rehearsing for performances, etc.
  • Participating in “drives” where you bring in items for a collection. You may not exchange items donated for service hours.
  • Paid work of any kind or work for which you receive any kind of compensation.
  • Time at conventions, mission or work trips when you are sleeping, attending social functions, eating, etc.
  • Court mandated community service or service mandated for a school disciplinary referral.
  • Travel time to and from volunteer activities.
  • Hosting a foreign exchange student.
  • Service hours completed before the first day of school as a freshman at Walton.


New this year:

Drop-in workshops to answer questions and help students submit service hours will be held in the College Corner during the below-listed WEB days, 1:00 - 2:30 pm:

  • Wednesday, August 21st
  • Wednesday, September 11th
  • Wednesday, October 23rd
  • Wednesday, November 13th
  • Wednesday, December 11th
  • Wednesday, January 29th
  • Wednesday, February 12th
  • Wednesday, March 18th
  • Wednesday, April 15th
  • Wednesday, May 6th – drop in during 3rd,4th, 5th or 6th periods (no WEB)

Workshops are drop in.  Students do not need to sign up in advance.  If you cannot attend one of these workshops, please stop by the College Corner before/after school or during your lunch period.

For more information on how to submit service hours as well as trouble-shooting tips for submitting and verifying hours, log in to x2Vol using your Naviance log in.  Detailed information about guidelines as well as a how-to video can be found on the Dashboard page of the student’s x2Vol account (requires log-in).

For additional information, students should stop by the College Corner before/after school or during lunch, or email Mrs. Gross at Laurel.Gross@cobbk12.org.