Principal's Advisory Council


Addison’s Principal Advisory Council:

Jill Spiva  


Michelle Gillham 

Assistant Principal  

Laura Mirmelli 

Foundation President 

Jenn Barton 

PTA president 

Amanda Rivas 

Staff member 

Jonathan Corrish 

Current Parent 

Marissa Sharpe 

Current Parent 

Paul Arena-Camarillo 

Current Parent 

A Council functions as an advisory body, offering input to the local school principal on matters relating to student achievement and school improvement. The principal may seek input from the Council on a variety of topics which may include, but are not limited to, student achievement goals, student attendance, school improvement plans, curriculum, school budget priorities and communications strategies. It provides a means by which parents, community members, and school staff can work together to create a better understanding of and mutual respect for each other's concerns and share ideas for school improvement.