About School



Our Mission:  

One Team, One Goal, Student Success 

Our Vision: 

Fostering academic achievement, respectful and responsible behavior, and an engaged community. 

We believe…

All students are capable of learning and succeeding

All students learn in different ways, depending on abilities, learning styles, preferences, and interests

With the proper support and academic interventions, all students are capable of achieving at  higher levels 

We must stay current, innovative, and creative in our practices and be lifelong learners in order to ensure continued student success

Learning needs to be authentic, challenging, meaningful, purposeful, and engaging

Learning is active, social and it is enhanced by collaboration and interaction

We are committed to…

Working collaboratively to develop and implement highly effective differentiated instructional strategies to meet the needs of all students 

Working collaboratively to utilize data to guide and monitor student learning

Working collaboratively to provide and sustain a positive learning environment and academically challenging environment for all students 

Working collaboratively to provide parents/guardians with resources and information to help students succeed

Working collaboratively to implement academic interventions during the school day to help our students succeed

On-going professional learning to enhance our skills and craft to ensure student success