Arrival/Dismissal Procedures



• If you need to find your child’s bus route, go to https://www.cobbk12.org/page/310/bus-routefinder and enter your address. It will provide you with the bus number and schedule. 

• At this time the transportation department is not permitting student bus passes to be issued for riding a bus other than the one assigned to the home address.

Car Riders

• Please help us keep our students safe and the morning car line moving efficiently by staying in the carline and having your child exit when you have stopped in the unloading zone (sidewalk by the playground to the mailbox). 

• Please have your child unbuckled and ready to exit the car when you stop. 

• If you must walk your child in, please park in a parking spot and walk with your child all the way across the crosswalk. Parents will not be permitted to walk students into the building after the first week of school.

 • When arriving for the afternoon car line, please place the car tag given to your child on the first day of school on your rear-view mirror. A staff member will call your child’s name and give a cone number. You will pull up to that cone number where your child will be waiting.

Tardy and Early Checkout

• Students arriving at school at 7:50 or after will be marked as tardy. When your child is tardy, you will need to escort him/her to the front office to be signed in. 

• If you need to check your child out early for an appointment near the end of the day, you must do so by 1:40. Early check-outs will not be permitted after 1:40.

Transportation Changes

•  Any transportation changes should be sent in writing to the teacher no later than the morning of the change. 

• For any emergency changes, an email with details of the change will be accepted from the enrolling adult. The email must include the student’s name, grade level, and homeroom teacher and be sent to rhonda.tavalez@cobbk12.org and jennifer.pope@cobbk12.org 

• A phone call to the front office (678-594-8720) must be made after the email is sent to ensure that the email was received.