New Principal Profile: Dr. LaEla Mitchell, Campbell Middle School

Dr. LaEla is the new principal of Campbell Middle School.

For the past 25 years, Dr. LaEla Mitchell has dedicated herself to being an educator, and she has loved establishing a safe and nurturing environment so students can continue learning. 

Dr. Mitchell is now bringing her love for learning to Campbell Middle School as the school’s new principal. 

“I thrive on supporting both children and adults in reaching their ‘ah-ha’ moments. These moments of clarity not only build confidence but also empower individuals to take risks and persevere through challenges. It provides a tangible sense of what success looks and feels like and encourages everyone to embrace their fullest potential,” said Dr. Mitchell, who has served Cobb students for more than a decade. 

During the summer, one of Dr. Mitchell’s favorite places is less than a mile from Campbell. Learn where you will find her outside school hours, why she is excited to join the Campbell community, and what the community can expect from her as principal. 

Question: Why are you excited about joining the Campbell Middle School community? 

Answer: “The Campbell Middle School community boasts a dynamic and interconnected culture, and I’m eager for the chance to cultivate positive relationships with its stakeholders. Additionally, being part of Campbell as an International Baccalaureate school allows me the opportunity to support students in broadening their global perspectives. I’m also elated by the chance to collaborate with Campbell High School to enhance our students’ educational journeys and make a positive impact on our community and the city of Smyrna.”

Question: What can the school community expect to see under your leadership?

Answer: “I have always held a strong commitment to prioritizing student well-being and academic excellence. Achieving this requires strong communication and support from all stakeholders to keep everyone informed, inspired, and committed to excellence. I’m also passionate about celebrating staff, students, and community partners. Campbell Middle School stakeholders should expect consistent communication and vibrant celebrations of staff and student achievements in academics, arts, sports, and service to foster a culture of success, appreciation, and partnership in our school community.”

Question: What does student success look like to you?

Answer: “Student success is rooted in feeling comfortable and safe while navigating the process of learning and growing. It’s about creating an environment where students can thrive with the loving support of adults in the community and at school. Likewise, as adults, we should be intentional in expanding our thinking as a means to create a nurturing atmosphere that promotes growth and development. It is in this collective growth that we create a space where every student feels valued and empowered to reach their fullest potential.”

Question: Outside school, where might students, parents, or staff members run into you? 

Answer: “I absolutely love reading, crafting, and playing cozy games, so you’ll often find me at bookstores, coffee shops, or parks, soaking up quiet moments. Also, as a self-proclaimed foodie, I enjoy exploring the many restaurants around Smyrna and Vinings, and during the summer, I can’t resist the food trucks at Taylor-Brawner Park!”