front office staff lined up for pictureOffice Staff

Jeanette Harrison, Secretary - Email

Kendra Horton, Bookkeeper - Email

Kathy Ward, Clerk - Email

Amy Springfield, Clerk - Email

Robbin Smith, Clinic Nurse - Email

Chalker counselors on shouldersCounselors 


Lauren Clarke - Email

Catherine Schenck - Email 

Student Support Services

Ginnie Barnes, Social Worker - Email

Trevour Schoeller, School Psychologist - Email

Chalker Specialist staff members lined up in a rowSpecialists

Erin Collins, Music - Email | Blog

Brad Hale, Art - Email 

Jeanne Huck, PE - Email 

Kimberly Wilkie (PE Paraprofessional) - Email

Austin Baugh-Oni (PE Paraprofessional) - Email

Stuart Ogburn, STEM - Email

Ashley Bellamy, Library Media - Email | Blog

Winnie Barroilhet, (Library Media Paraprofessional) - Email | Webpage


Melissa Watson - Email

Two Chalker staff members in tree looking at a bookALP

Marcie Donaldson - Email (Yearbook)

Tara Guevara - Email 


Tara Guevara - Email

Chalker Interrelated staff members on k-2 playground equipmentInterrelated

Tony Pape - (Quinn) - Email 

Tamara Bearden (Ivey) - Email

Jeannine Hulse - (Sessions) - Email

Cara Smith - (Wilson) - Email

Brook Heard - (Lewis) - Email

Michele Benedetto (Gordon) - Email

Kristen Davis (MOID) - Email

Amanda Stone (MOID Paraprofessional) - Email

Jackson Ochako (Paraprofessional) - Email

Karen Keenan (Collins 1st - Paraprofessional) - Email

Erin Kyle (Adam 3rd - Paraprofessional) - Email


Alexis Jones - Email

Ashley Ryan - Email 


Rebecca Credille - Email 

Nancy King (Credille Paraprofessional) - Email

Jenna  Hudson - Email

Joanne Hogan - (Hudson Paraprofessional) - Email

Tyler McCrary - Email

Jessica Ellerbee (McCrary Paraprofessional) - Email

Chalker kindergarten teachers and paraprofessionals lined up for pictureKindergarten

April Cerio - Email

Terri Hedden - Email | Blog

Zach Gillham - Email

Barbara Quinn - Email

Chandler Schmitter - Email

Renee Wright - Email  

Kindergarten Paraprofessionals

Lisa Caudell (Cerio) - Email

Heather Dougherty (Hedden) - Email

Tiffany Bystedt (Gillham)

Tricia Skowronski (Quinn) - Email

Dana Hagan (Schmitter) - Email

Beverly Pleinis (Wright) - 

Chalker first grade teachers seated for picture1st Grade

Shannon Collins - Email

Leslie Campbell - Email 

Kimberly Ivey  - Email

Melanie Klein  - Email 

Susan Rhone - Email 

Kristin Washington - Email

Chalker second grade pictures lined up for picture2nd Grade

Sarah Goodwin - Email

David Lamb - Email 

Christina Pelky - Email

Michelle Sessions - Email

Kelly Snow - Email


Chalker third grade teachers lined up for picture3rd Grade

Cynthia Adam - Email

Meredith Barz - Email

Jamie Carberry - Email

Jennifer King - Email

Sara Vogel - Email

Carmen Wilson - Email

Chalker fourth grade teachers lined up for picture4th Grade

Ashley Bartho  - Email

Berlinda Bell - Email

Alexis Gonzalez - Email 

Lisa Lewis - Email 

Chalker fifth grade teachers lined up for picture5th Grade

Keisha Gordon - Email | Blog

Karen Kraeger - Email

Leigh Pitner - Email

Debra Sherwin - Email 

Custodial Staff

Rodney Massey - Head Custodian - Email

Lydia Aguilar, Revinsky Johnson

Food service Staff Food ServiceFood Service

Stephanie Keys - Cafeteria Manager - Email

Lucia Andrade, Connie Matthews, Mary Sherrane, Erica Taylor

Lunchroom Monitors

 Ann Doherty and Jeanette Massey