GreyStone Power Provides Summer Internships for Students

Linemen working and CITA

GreyStone Power Corporation strengthens its ties to the local community through a summer intern initiative aimed at nurturing young talent. Trellis Crusoe, Joel Landon Rodriguez III, Anaiia Carter, and Kristopher Davis, all students from the Cobb Innovation and Technology Academy (CITA), have been selected to participate in this enriching endeavor.

energy1113%20copy.pngJoel Landon Rodriguez III, Kristopher Davis, Charisse Braxton (GreyStone Board Member), Trellis Crusoe, and Anaiia Carter

This internship, tailored for Junior and Senior students, offers a hands-on experience in line work at GreyStone Power. Over the course of six weeks, the interns will accompany GreyStone linemen into the field, immersing themselves in the intricacies of line installation and maintenance. From mastering various wiring techniques to understanding the selection and utilization of materials, participants will gain invaluable insights into the operations of a leading power cooperative.

 Screen%20Shot%202024-05-03%20at%2010.21.13%20AM.pngJoel Landon Rodriguez III

For Joel, one of the interns, this opportunity represents a significant milestone towards his career aspirations in line work. He envisions leveraging the knowledge and skills acquired during this internship as a springboard towards a fulfilling career path.

energy-walens.gifAnaiia Carter, Kristopher Davis, Alissa Walens (CITA Energy Instructor), Joel Landon Rodriguez III,  and Trellis Crusoe 

GreyStone Power Corporation, renowned as a member-owned cooperative, serves over 123,000 members across eight counties. Their commitment to empowering local communities is exemplified through initiatives like the summer internship program, which not only fosters skill development but also strengthens the bond between the corporation and its stakeholders.