Frequently Asked Questions


What is CITA?

The Cobb Innovation and Technology Academy (CITA) is an innovative CTAE educational program. CITA will provide students with hands-on learning experiences and career opportunities through district, post-secondary and industry partnerships.

Where is CITA located?

CITA is located at 114 Windy Hill Road, Marietta, Ga. 30060.

When did CITA open?

 August of 2020

What are pillars?

Pillars are an organizational tool used to organize the pathways offered at CITA. The pathways offered are divided into three distinct pillars: Maker Industries, Emerging Technologies, and Community and Healthcare Services.

What pathways are offered at CITA?

CITA offers the following pathways: (Maker Industries) Automotive, Carpentry,  Electrical, Heavy Equipment Operations, HVAC, Masonry, Plumbing, Welding, (Community and Healthcare Services) Clinical Lab, Emergency Medical Responder, Emergency Medical Technician, Patient Care, Phlebotomy, Surgical Technology, (Emerging Technologies) Cyber Security, Energy & Power and Networking.

Who can attend CITA?

The tuition-free academy is open to students throughout the Cobb County School District.

Does Cobb County provide transportation?

District-wide centralized bus transportation is provided for students admitted to the Cobb Innovation and Technology Academy via the magnet bus routes.

What makes CITA unique?

CITA students are given the opportunity to work collaboratively with business and industry partners to engage in valuable learning experiences. Students will explore employability skills as they grow to meet the demands of the future workforce.

Where do CITA students take their academic classes?

CITA students will become Osborne High School students. They will take their academic courses at Osborne High School. 

Where do students participate in other school activities such as clubs and sports?

Students enrolled at CITA will participate in all extra-curricular and co-curricular activities at Osborne High School.

If a student chooses to leave CITA, do they remain an Osborne High School student?

No. If a student elects to leave CITA, he/she will return to their zoned school.