CITA Computer Science / Information Technology Program Earns Industry Certification with Distinction

Touchscreen with finger and CITA Building

The pursuit of excellence in education reaches new heights as industry certification becomes the hallmark of program quality. Representing the pinnacle of achievement, this certification signifies that a program has met stringent standards set forth by leaders in the respective field. The Georgia State Department of Education reaffirms its commitment to elevating technical and academic standards across all Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) programs through the Industry Certification process. This rigorous review ensures that programs maintain the highest levels of quality and relevance in preparing students for the workforce.

 IC_thumbnail_IMG_1746.jpgIndustry Certification Student Team: Nailah Oliver, Chiamaka Nwakogo, Madylin Cousins, Liam Jaiprashad, Miles Phillips, Edna Miranda Lopez, and Emonee Welcome

In a recent milestone, the Cobb Innovation and Technology Academy (CITA) proudly received Industry Certification with Distinction from The Georgia State Council and the  Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) for its exceptional Computer Science programs. SHRM certification, provided by the world's largest HR membership organization, is a testament to CITA's commitment to excellence in preparing students for careers in Technology and Human Resources.

 IC_thumbnail_IMG_1749%20(1)%20copy.jpgThe display table is draped with the Cobb Innovation and Technology Academy FBLA Tablecloth. Items on the table include the FBLA Gold Champion Chapter Banner 2021-2022, and the First Place State Leadership Conference BAA Chapter Challenge plaques for 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024.

With over 100,000 employers and 140 million employees worldwide, SHRM's endorsement carries significant weight in the industry. The SHRM certification, recognized as premier credentials in Human Resources and Technology, distinguishes CITA students and sets them apart in the competitive job market.

 IC_thumbnail_IMG_1750.jpgThe two students presenting to the Industry Certification committee are Deosi Means and Liam Jaiprashad. Both are completers of the Cybersecurity Pathway.

This achievement not only highlights CITA's dedication to providing top-tier education but also underscores its role as a leader in shaping the future workforce. By earning Industry Certification with Distinction, CITA solidifies its reputation for excellence and prepares students for success in the dynamic field of Technology and Human Resources. Congratulations to the CITA Information Technology teachers: Chris Bailey, Leila Thomas and Alissa Walens.