About Program


Vision: Class. Virtually. Anywhere.

Mission: In partnership with local schools, CVA connects students to highly qualified instructors, engaging curriculum, and flexible learning options that equip them to be independent, lifelong learners.

Description: For over 20 years, Cobb Virtual Academy (CVA) has been helping Cobb County School District (CCSD) students meet their educational requirements by offering high school courses during both the regular school year (fall and spring terms) and summer term. Students have the opportunity to take online courses for high school credit in addition to their regular school schedule for a fee. There is no fee when students take online courses as part of their regular school schedule.

The CCSD is a leader in the innovative use of technology to provide expanded educational opportunities for students. CVA is an integral part of this leadership. Completing a meaningful online learning experience allows students to become familiar with key means of increasing their own learning skills and knowledge. It will also prepare them for the demands that they will encounter in higher education, the workplace, and in personal life-long learning. While students informally develop technology skills and gain experience through their media rich lives, an online learning experience will require them to complete assignments, meet deadlines, learn appropriate online behavior, and effectively collaborate with others in an instructional setting.

Cobb Virtual Academy offers high quality, Internet-delivered core high school courses that equip CCSD students to thrive in the complex life and work environment of the 21st Century. Cobb Virtual Academy is an online program that works directly with students and delivers online courses. CVA is not a school -- it is a supplemental program serving students currently enrolled in CCSD schools. Online courses provide a full course education experience in which instruction takes place primarily over the internet, using an online delivery system to provide access to course content. It may be accessed from multiple settings (in school and/or out of school buildings). In this virtual online environment, students follow a course schedule to complete a combination of assignments; tests; quizzes; projects; and assessments that permit a teacher to follow the educational progress of the student. CVA courses are led by certified teachers and the grades earned become part of the student's academic record. All courses are NCAA certified and meet national, state and Cobb County School District curriculum standards.

In addition to rigorous course content that meets state and district performance standards, Cobb Virtual Academy's online learning environment fosters creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, as well as mastery of information, media, and technology skills--all of which are essential for preparing students for the future.