Check the Students > Registration Info page for additional registration information.

Due to high demand, we have had to close Summer Term registration for: Spanish I, Spanish III, Spanish II

Before beginning registration, have the following information available:

  1. Student Email Address: students should have an email account for use with their CVA courses. 
  2. Parent Email Address: the primary mode of communication is via email. All parents/guardians should have an active email address that is routinely checked by the parent. Parent email addresses provided at registration must be different from the student's email account.
  3. Cobb County School District ID Number: this is a 6 or 7 digit student ID (lunch number).
  4. CVA Course(s): student should know the course name (American Literature, for example) AND section (A, B, Y). Check the CVA Course Catalog for available courses.
  5. Local School Counselor Name
  6. Rising 9th-Graders (Summer-Term Only): If you are registering to take a class in the Summer between your 8th and 9th grade year, choose the High School you are scheduled to attend. If you are unsure of your counselor, please check the High School website.

Note To Parents: CVA highly recommends that students, not parents complete the registration process as part of their online learning experience.

Note to All Registrants: Some browsers will autofill incorrect information into your registration form. Please ensure that all information is correct before submitting your registration.

Students registering past the District's last day for schedule changes in a semester may have their CVA course registrations denied. Please have a conversation with the local school before registering.

Please Note - you must first select the TERM on the Registration Page to see the classes

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