Fall Term Information 2023


During Fall term, students should expect to productively participate daily and work approximately 5-7 hours a week in both online and offline activities to complete all requirements for an A or B (.5 unit) class. Students taking a Y course (1.0 unit) or two .5 unit courses (such as Health AND Personal Fitness) should expect to productively participate daily and work approximately 10-15 hours a week in both online and offline activities to complete all requirements for the class. Students may work ahead but must meet all coursework deadlines as prescribed in the Course Schedule found in each Cobb Virtual Academy course.

The Cobb Virtual Academy does not administer early testing and there are no makeup dates for final exams and/or EOC testing. See the link at the bottom of this page for EOC and Final Exam schedule.

Online Registration

Monday, July 17 at 9 AM - Thursday, August 17 at Noon

Students will be immediately enrolled in orientation. Students will be placed in their Fall Term course(s) beginning the week of July 24th.

Please note: Cobb County School District policy does not allow schedule changes after the first ten (10) days of school in the Fall and Spring terms. Students registering for a CVA course after this 10-day period may have the course request denied by their local school.

Personal Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Information


Cobb Virtual Academy’s Personal Fitness class is a highly successful online course that was cited in the recently published National Guidelines for Online Physical Education. A key component of the class is the physical activity or workouts. Part of the success is the ability to record student cardio and strength activities with a heart rate monitor. 

For the Fall 2023 term, CVA Personal Fitness students will have the option of using their own heart rate monitor or a program-issued one. There will be no face-to-face meeting requirements, but the teacher will reach out to schedule an online meeting on how to use the program issued equipment, if needed. With the guidance of their instructors, students will use heart rate monitoring devices to track and make progress towards their physical goals, using either their own device or a program-issued one is required. We look forward to working with you and having a successful, healthy Fall!

Tuition Student - Deadline to Withdraw with Partial Refund

Friday, August 18, at Noon

Cobb Virtual Academy allows tuition students withdrawals, less a $75 registration fee, through noon on the date posted above.

Tuition Student - Deadline to Withdraw with No Refund

Friday, December 1 at Noon

Click Here for Withdrawal Information

Online Orientation

If you register for CVA Fall Term classes between 7/17 - 7/23: You will have access to the online Student Orientation and your content class starting the week of July 24th and you should complete the Orientation prior to August 1st.

If you register for CVA Fall Term classes after 7/23: You have immediate access to Cobb Virtual Academy's Student Orientation and you will have access to your content class 1-2 business days after you register. You should complete the orientation prior to August 1st.

You must complete the CVA Student Orientation to gain access to your CVA content class(es).

Course Due Dates

A course schedule with all due dates and assignment is available in each course. Students may begin their coursework as soon as they complete the mandatory online CVA Student Orientation. Students must begin submitting work the week of August 1st.

Last Day to Submit Course Work

Students must follow the course schedule located in their class. No course work will be accepted after Thursday, November 30 at 11:59 PM.

Final Exams and EOCs

All Courses without EOCs have a Final Exam*

Final Exams (Online): Sunday, December 3 at 1 PM - Tuesday, December 5 at 8 PM

Students are required to take the final assessments as scheduled. There are no makeup dates for final exams.

EOC Tests: Students take EOC Tests at their local school. Talk with the local school testing coordinator or counselor to determine the testing date and time.

The following courses have a state-mandated EOC test:

  • American Literature sections B & Y
  • AP English Language sections B & Y (American Literature EOC)
  • Algebra sections B & Y
  • US History sections B & Y
  • Biology and Honors Biology sections B & Y
  • Physical Science sections B & Y (Middle School students only)