About School


The South Cobb Early Learning Center, SCELC, is located in Mableton, Georgia and consists of 10 Special Needs Pre-Kindergarten classes, 3 Georgia Pre-Kindergarten classes and 2 Georgia Pre-Kindergarten inclusion classes. We offer a nurturing, language- rich environment that fosters critical thinking and helps students, three to five years of age, actively engage with the world around them. This level of engagement is the result of family engagement coupled with our staff providing students with literacy- rich adventures, oral experiences to promote language development, addressing students’ social emotional needs and developing cognitive progress in all students. 

Family engagement is an integral component of student success.  Research shows that when families are actively involved in their child’s education, he or she is more likely to have greater cognitive growth.  The South Cobb Early Learning Center offers a variety of family engagement opportunities.  Throughout the year, our parents, staff, and Partners in Education collaborate to offer phenomenal school experiences. We openly welcome you to participate in scheduled events and volunteer opportunities as we work together to create a positive school- home partnership.  

There are many procedures and policies that promote the safe operation of our Center. The policies contained in this handbook are a concerted effort on the part of the faculty, administration, and the school district to maintain a safe and effective learning environment for all students. This information has been carefully prepared and presented so you and your child fully understand the policies and practices of the South Cobb Early Learning Center. Please feel free to contact the Director, Dr. Marilyn Thomas, if you have any questions.