Arrival/Dismissal Procedures


Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Arrival begins daily at 7:20. Morning car rider line closes at 7:50. Students arriving after 7:50 must be escorted to the front office by his or her caregiver to be signed in and will be marked tardy. 

Dismissal: Students who require early check-out must be signed out by 1:45. After 1:45, you must use the car rider line.

Car Riders

Dismissal will begin promptly 2:20 for bus riders, 2:25 for car riders, and 2:30 for A.S.P.

All car riders will be required to have 2 visible tags, one on the student’s book bag and one hanging form the visor of the car.  Tags will be distributed at meet-n-greet or the first day of school.  For the safety of all students, students will only be released to individuals who have a car tag with the matching number.  If the person picking up the student does not have a tag, he/she must park and come into the office to verify identification.  If two or more students are riding together, they will receive the same number.

Day Care Centers

There are local Day Care Centers that provide after school programs and transportation to their facility.  If this is the route your family choses, please let the teacher know and an additional tag will be made available for the day care van driver.


If possible, please make sure your child’s car seat is on the right, or passenger’s side of the car.  This will ensure staff members can assist him or her to enter and exit the vehicle in a safe manner.  Staff members will remain on the curb for their safety.  Please note staff members are not permitted to secure students into their car seats. 

To keep the car rider line moving in the morning and afternoon, if you need to communicate with your teacher, please park and come inside.

Car riders must be picked up by 2:45.

After these times, the caregiver will need to park and come into the office to check the student out.

SCELC’s Late Pick Up Policy is as follows:

3 late pick-ups- verbal reminder from staff member

5 late pick-ups- letter from the director

7 late pick-ups- conference with the director (at this time enrollment in Georgia Pre-K could be revoked or the student can be registered for ASP)