About School


The doors of Hayes Elementary opened in the fall of 1993. The school was named after two Cobb County principals who served for more than 40 years in education - Joe F. Hayes and William "Harold" Hayes.

There have been many changes since Hayes Elementary opened over 20 years ago. The mascot is now a Mustang instead of a Hurricane. The building itself has been renovated to include a 16-classroom addition and a closed-in breezeway, as well as the addition of four learning cottages. The front entrance/driveway was completely reconfigured to allow for better traffic flow and enhanced student safety. Even with all the changes over the years, Hayes still maintains an inviting, friendly atmosphere to everyone who enters through its doors.

Hayes Elementary is a 100% feeder school, meaning 100% of Hayes’ students will go to Pine Mountain Middle School and Kennesaw Mountain High School. Many students will be with their classmates from the day they cross the threshold of kindergarten to the day they walk across the stage at graduation. Since the administration, teachers, and staffs of Hayes, Pine Mountain, and Kennesaw Mountain are working closely together, students will be given a strong, standards-based education throughout their thirteen years in the cluster.

Cognia Review

Cobb families know the Cobb County School District has a reputation for excellence, as Cobb’s students consistently perform better than their peers. You could live anywhere, yet over 200,000 parents choose to raise their children in Cobb. You know that a Cobb education gives your children a competitive advantage for scholarships, college, future employment, and life. 

Once again, Cobb families can feel even more confident their students are receiving a high-quality education following the most recent accreditation review by Cognia, one of Cobb’s accrediting agencies and one of the largest in the world. 

After recently completing an Accreditation Engagement Review, which took almost one year to complete, every school in Cobb County has been accredited for an additional six years.