Hightower Trail Middle School Celebrates 30 Years of Resounding Success

Hightower Trail Middle School celebrates 30 years of excellence.

Hightower%20Trail%20Middle%20School_30%20Year%20Anniversary-72.jpgIn 1993, students walked the halls of Hightower Trail Middle School for the very first time. Since then, the halls have been filled with a decades-long history of student success. 

Commemorating the excellence in teaching and learning that has taken place, Hightower Trail recently hosted its 30th anniversary. The media center was filled with faces from the past and present.

Past Hightower Trail educators joined the school’s current teachers browsing yearbooks of years gone by. They laughed as memories of the past popped up. The displays of photos and memorabilia marking major milestones in the school’s history evoked nostalgia and prompted guests to reflect on the milestones that await the Hightower Trail community.  Hightower%20Trail%20Middle%20School_30%20Year%20Anniversary-8.jpg

Staff composite photos spanning all 30 years offered a heartwarming tribute to the dedicated individuals who have played a pivotal role in shaping the school’s identity and fostering a culture of excellence.

Blueprints of the original school building and subsequent add-ons gave guests a fascinating glimpse into the architectural evolution of Hightower Trail Middle School, highlighting the growth and expansion that have characterized its history.

“We were beyond thrilled with the overwhelming turnout for our 30th Anniversary Celebration. How gratifying for the entire Hightower Trail family to witness current and former staff members become reacquainted and share their favorite husky memories. It is an honor and privilege to serve this incredible community as we look forward to the next 30 years of celebrating student success at Hightower Trail Middle School,” said Dr. Hannah Polk.

Hightower%20Trail%20Middle%20School_30%20Year%20Anniversary-42.jpgThe event not only focused on the past, but the anniversary celebration also allowed guests to witness the learning that is taking place inside Hightower Trail today. 

The celebration ran concurrently with the school’s annual Night of the Arts, further enhancing the festive atmosphere with captivating performances by talented musicians and artists. Small ensembles, including string quartets, cello choirs, woodwind choirs, and percussion ensembles, showcased their talents, captivating audiences and adding to the sense of celebration and joy.

As guests departed, they walked away with rediscovered memories and a renewed sense of appreciation for the enduring legacy of Hightower Trail Middle School.