School Wide Behavior Plan


2022-2023 School Wide Behavior Plan


Student signature:   ____________________________________    date:  _____________ 

Parent signature:  _____________________________________   date:   _____________

 The Reward Card is to document students who are aware and following expected behaviors for middle school.  Below is an explanation of the codes on the card and the rewards that will occur when a student models the expected positive behaviors.  
To qualify for an Honor Roll a student must achieve all S’s in conduct.  
Conduct grade assignment scale at the end of the nine weeks, designated per class:
S = Satisfactory; N = Needs Improvement; or U = Unsatisfactory.  

Rewards throughout the nine weeks.  Points are cumulative across subjects on the card for a three-week time frame:
3-week check: < 4 points, no ISS or OSS in this 1 – 3-week time frame – pod time
6-week check: < 4 points, no ISS or OSS in this 4 – 6-week time frame – pod time
9-week check: < 4 points, no ISS or OSS in this 7 – 9-week time frame – pod time    

A student who receives a third detention within a nine-week time frame will receive an automatic administrative referral. (See Behavior Card) 

Explanation of codes you may see on the card:
R’s” - extra restroom breaks
PB: Students, at teacher discretion, may earn back points by displaying appropriate behavior.  This will be documented in the notes section. 

Codes that represent behavior interventions for all students:
SL: Silent lunch
PS: parent signature required on paperwork sent home
D: detention assigned as a reminder of appropriate behavior needs
R: referral 

Codes on the card to describe behaviors:
These behaviors may result in points being deducted from the card. The teacher will use the code if a point is being deducted:
CD: classroom disruption
DP: disregarding procedure
OT: off task
OA: out of area
DR: disrespect for people or property
MT: misuse of technology
SUB:   poor substitute behavior will result in an automatic administrative referral. 

If points have been documented on the card, a parent signature indicating acknowledgement of the card is required at the 3 weeks, 6 weeks, and at the end of the 9 weeks. Students are responsible for obtaining that signature.  Students can be assigned a silent lunch and ultimately a detention for failure to obtain the parent signature.   

At any time, a demonstrated behavior may be more than the card is designed to monitor and administration will be asked to intervene.  The Cobb County Code of Conduct for middle school students is located in every student’s PTSA provided agenda.  Loss of the card will result in 5 days of silent lunch.