About School


Mission Statement

Lindley Middle School staff members played a vital role in developing the mission and belief statements. The Correlates of Effective School Principles, current research and knowledge of Lindley students’ strengths and needs were all considered when defining the mission and beliefs. The SIP team used input from the staff to develop a final draft that was endorsed by the staff. The belief statements were also developed using the consensus-building process.

Our Mission:

One Team, One Goal, Lindley's Success

Our Beliefs:

The faculty and staff members of Lindley Middle School believe:

All students can learn. The students, staff, parents, and community members all share responsibility for learning. The role of the educator is to foster life-long learning, provide a nurturing environment, promote and respect diversity, and model responsible behavior. The instructional program should present challenges for all students, engage students with a variety of learning experiences, and teach students how to think for themselves. The school environment should foster mutual respect among students, teachers, and parents and should be a place where all stakeholders feel at home.

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