About School

McCall Primary School

McCall primary School is a K-1 school located in Northwest Cobb

County. McCall signed its charter on May 10, 2004 and began its first

year in August 2005. McCall operates with an emphasis on early


To cope with an increased number of students over the previous two

years, McCall was created to relieve overcrowding at Acworth

Elementary. This change was due to being located in a rapidly developing

area in the county.

McCall originated due to the split of Acworth Elementary into a primary

(K-1) and intermediate (2-5) school. Although they are housed on two

separate campuses, we continue to maintain regular communication with

each other.

McCall Primary School was named after Dr. Moses McCall and his wife

Mary Bolton McCall. Dr. McCall was one of the founding doctors of

Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, and Mary McCall served as an Acworth

City Councilwoman in 1955, and mayor of Acworth in 1956.