Virtual Feeding Plan

Payment plus info

Hello Nicholson families,

We are excited to continue serving you school meals this year. Though it may look a little different, we have been working hard to ensure our students get healthy, safe, and delicious meals. Listed below is information that may be beneficial to help you learn more about how this is possible for your student(s). 

    Meal kits are available to all currently enrolled CCSD students. Meal kits will be made available by a weekly online pre-order form ONLY. You cannot call your school to order.

    Meal kit distribution will start on 8/17. Specifics of the time and date will be located on the pre-order form. Pre-orders will start on 8/11. Pre-orders must be made weekly to receive meal kits. 

    Pre-orders via MyPaymentsPlus will be taken each week, the form will open on Tuesday with a deadline to submit pre-orders by Thursday at noon. 

    Parents who do not already have a MyPaymentsPlus login should create an account. There is no charge to create a MyPaymentsPlus account. You can access this account via web or mobile app.

    To create a MyPaymentsPlus account parents will need to know their student’s school ID number. Your child may know their number as they use it in the café on a normal basis. Your student’s school ID number is also on ParentVUE.

    Step by step instructions for the pre-order process on MyPaymentPlus will be hosted on the FNS webpage.  http://www.cobbk12.org/centraloffice/foodservices/

    Parents will have the option to select school pick-up location based on the feeder pattern in which the student attends.

    Parents with students that attend different schools have the option to pick-up from a single location. 

    This new pre-order process allows for parents to pick-up the meal kits without the student present.

    Meals will be purchased for the entirety of the week (5 breakfast and 5 lunches). Payment for meals will occur during the online pre-order process. Any money currently on your meal account cannot be used for meal kit payment. Pricing is set based on the meal benefits the student qualifies for: 

    Free = No charge for weekly meal kit

    Reduced-Priced = $3.67 per week 

    Paid = $23.99 per week

    Families who have not applied should submit a Family Meal Application at the following link to determine if they qualify for Free or Reduced-Priced benefits. https://mealapps.cobbk12.org/

    Meal kit order confirmation is available at the end of the online pre-ordering process. You will need to save this confirmation and provide it when you pick-up your meal kit.

    Parents will arrive at their school of choice, state their students name(s), ID, and show confirmation number and a meal kit with breakfast and lunch meals for 5 days will be provided and placed in the trunk or backseat of the car by Cobb FNS staff.

    We are proud to offer meal kits with items that can be reheated at home. Reheating instructions and a menu will be provided in meal kits for appropriate consumption of meals. #FuelingStudentSuccessToGo 

    Coming soon: Family dinner options for pick-up.

    Further questions can be sent to Meals@cobbk12.org or by calling our Central Office main phone line number at 770-426-3380.