The Inside Scoop: Rising Sixth Graders and Middle School with Chris Salter


Leaving the surroundings and familiar environment of elementary school can be daunting for rising fifth graders and their families. It involves a new routine, new teachers, new classmates, a new building to learn, and so much more.

Chris Salter is the principal at Smitha Middle School and has witnessed and aided students in this transition for a long time. He has been with Cobb Schools for 25 years and has been the principal at Smitha for the last seven. He joins David Owen on today's podcast to discuss the important move from elementary to middle school and what to know and prepare for as a parent.

The middle school years, while short, are also crucial as the student becomes less passive in the educational process and learns to take responsibility and ownership of their academic journey. Knowing what to expect and how to support and encourage your child is a key to success in middle school and beyond.

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