Faculty Office Hours Listed Below


NameGrade and SubjectContact
Mr. Anderson6,7,8 Engineering    email 
Ms. Bradshaw
6,7,8 Visual Art    
Ms. Joyner
Ms. Bryant6,7,8 Orchestra    email | Orchestra Website
Ms. Fargo6,7,8 Band    email | Band Website
Mrs. Lessin6,7,8 Chorus    email
Dr. Nichols6,7,8 Band    email | Band Website
Mr. Atkins6,7,8 Health & Physical Education   email 
Dr. Allen
6,7,8 Health & Physical Education  
Mrs. Franck
6,7,8 Math Connections    
Ms. Maze6,7,8 Math Connections 
Mr. Kamal
6,7,8 Math Connections 
Ms. London
6,7,8 Math Connections

6th Grade

NameGrade and SubjectContact
Ms. Alleyne6th Earth Science    email
Mr. Evans6th Math    email 
Ms. Boleman6th ELA    email 
Mr. Stokes6th Grade Counseloremail | website
Mrs. Jackson6th Reading    email 
Ms. LaVigne6th-7th Reading Support    email 
Mrs. Patel6th ELA    email 
Ms. Rich6th Grade Social Studies    email 
Ms. Moore6th ESOL    email 
Mr. Bruce Anderson6th Earth Science
Ms. McCowan6th Grade Social Studies    email 
Ms. Thurman6th Readingemail 
Mrs. Hedlund6th Mathemail
Mrs. Louifaite
6th Scienceemail

7th Grade

NameGrade and SubjectContact
Mr. Richard Anderson6th Scienceemail
Mr. Demkowski7th Social Studies    email 
Mrs. Cleckley7th Reading    email 
Mrs. Murphy
7th & AC Social Studiesemail 
Ms. TotaleySchool Counselor - 7th Grade    email | website
Mrs. Hedlund7th Mathemail 
Ms. Harvey7th IRRemail
Ms. LaVigne6th-7th Reading Support    email
Ms. Palmer7th ELA    email
Ms. Washington7th Grade IRRemail 
Ms. Miller7th and 8th ELAemail 
Ms. Bartley7th IRRemail
Mr. Scarboro7th Scienceemail
Mr. Hickerson7th Mathemail
Ms. Beer7th Readingemail
Ms. Maze7th Mathemail

8th Grade

Mr. Burger8th ESOL Social Studies    email 
Mrs. Donaldson
8th grade math    email
Mr. B. Evans8th ELAemail 
Mr. McRoberts8th Math    email 
Ms. Miller8th ELA    email 
Mrs. Neal8th Reading    email 
Mrs. Parker8th Social Studies    email 
Mrs. Porter8th IRR   email 
Mrs. Hedlund8th Mathemail 
Ms. Breslin8th ELAemail  
Ms. Warden8th Grade Social Studies    email 
Ms. Whaley8th Grade Reading    email 
Ms. Faires8th IRRemail
Ms. McCroskey8th Counseloremail | website
Ms. Maze8th Mathemail
Ms. Wood8th Scienceemail
Ms. Waters8th Scienceemail
Ms. Cox8th Spanishemail


NameGrade and SubjectContact
Mr. StokesSchool Counselor - 6th Gradeemail | website
Ms. McCroskeySchool Counselor - 8th Gradeemail | website
Ms. ToatleySchool Counselor - 7th Gradeemail | website

Special Education

NameGrade and SubjectContact
Ms. DefreitasMIDemail
Ms. StricklandMOIDemail
Ms. PattonSID/PIDemail
Ms. HamiltonAUemail


NameGrade and SubjectContact
Ms. AllenIntensive English Language Program 6th/7th/8themail 
Mr. Burger8th ESOL    email 
Ms. Moore6th ESOLemail

Support Staff

NameGrade and SubjectContact
Mr. Speer6-8 Math & Science Academic Coach    email 
Ms. Jones6-8 Literacy and Social Studies Academic Coachemail
Ms. LopezFront Office Clerk - Records
email | 678-594-8267
Ms. Avila
Front Office Clerk -  Registration
email | 678-594-8267
Ms. Montes
Front Office Clerk - Student Attendance    
email | 678-594-8267
Mrs. LockridgeBookkeeperemail
Ms. Walker
School Secretary 
Ms. Burris

Parent Facilitator, Title I, Family & Community Engagement

Ms. Adams    School Nurse    email
Ms. DavisLibrary Learning Commons    email | blog
Ms. WilliamsCafeteria manager    email
Ms. HansonSchool Psychologistemail
Ms. JassoSchool Social Workeremail
Ms. FranksCommunities in Schoolsemail