New Principal Profile: Dr. Stephanie Santoro, Walton High School

Dr. Stephanie Santoro

When students return to Walton High School in August, they will see a familiar face in the principal’s office. After 22 years at Walton, Dr. Stephanie Santoro is part of the school’s legacy, and now she will continue serving students and families as the new principal of one of Georgia’s and the nation’s top high schools.

During Dr. Santoro’s 24 years in education, she has served as a varsity volleyball coach, math teacher, math department chair, and assistant principal. 

For those new to Walton and for those who want to know more about the two-decades-long Walton educator, this new principal profile includes the details on how Dr. Santoro plans to continue Walton’s legacy of success, how she spends her time away from Walton, and what she loves the most about being an educator.

Question: Why are you excited about joining the Walton High School community?

Answer: “I am not new to the Walton community, but I am excited to continue my journey as a Walton Raider. I have been at Walton for 22 years and am most excited about continuing to work with students who provide such hope for the future. Walton is fortunate to be supported by parents and a community who are truly invested in student success.”

Question: What most impresses you about the students at Walton High School? 

Answer: “I continue to be amazed by the accomplishments of our Raiders. Our students achieve amazing feats but also take the time to cheer on their fellow Raiders and volunteer in community organizations. From athletic state champions and PAGE State STAR Students to protein modeling and a nationally renowned orchestra program, our students can do it all—and they DO! Our students are talented, kind, caring, and hardworking. They are improving our world, little by little.”

Question: What does student success look like to you? 

Answer: “Student success is as unique as the student. Success means different things to different people at different points on their journey. Whether success is discovering a new talent, taking an academic risk, or being willing to take the first step in a new direction, our goal as educators is to foster an environment where students gain the social and academic foundations necessary to pursue and accel their interests.”

Question: What do you like most about being an educator?

Answer: “Helping a student find their passion and purpose is one of life’s highest callings, and as educators, we are doing it on a daily basis. My favorite part of being an educator is when I run into students years after they graduate. I love to see them when they come back for homecoming with their own families, when I bump into one working in their profession, when I get an invitation to a wedding, or a medical school graduation. My greatest joy is knowing that they found their passion and their purpose and that I had at least a small part in the successful person they are today.”

Question: Outside school, where might students, parents, or staff members run into you? 

Answer: “When I am not at Walton, the community will find me spending time with my husband (also a high school principal) and our daughter. Many times, we may have our two dogs in tow. We love to spend time outside, attending concerts, sporting events, and traveling.”